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'Catios' Are Feline-Friendly Additions Purrfect For Any Home

Not all cats are outdoor cats. For some reason or another, some are exclusively kept indoors, usually for their own safety. But just because they're small doesn't mean they don't feel cramped being inside all the time.

Cats like to explore, to feel fresh air, to hear the sounds of everything going on outside. They're naturally curious creatures, and sometimes simply opening a window isn't enough to satisfy their need to know exactly what's going on outside.

But what if there was a way to let your cat go outside without letting it really go all the way outside? Introducing: 'Catios'.

'Catios' are exactly what they sound like: patios for cats.

Catio Spaces

According to Scary Mommy, these screened-in porches can be purchased or designed with your specific home and fur baby in mind, thanks to the company Catio Spaces.

The idea here is that your cat can enjoy all that nature has to offer without risking their safety or well-being.

Catio Spaces

With such dangers as cars, predatory animals, or the elements posing a risk to your cat's safety, you can rest easy knowing they're still well within the limits of your home while still getting the fresh air they need.

'Catios' come in all different sizes to suit your cat's unique needs.

Catio Spaces

You can get a small window perch box, or graduate up to much larger space so your cat has more room to climb and roam around. You could even opt for an elaborate outdoor room, complete with tunnels for your cat to explore to its little heart's desire.

Catio Spaces offers customers the opportunity to either purchase a pre-designed 'Catio' or have designers customize one for them.

Catio Spaces

The additions are built right into the side of your home, so these aren't separate structures by any means. Your cat can pass freely between home and 'Catio' without ever stepping foot outside.

If you want to be super extra, you can deck your 'Catio' out with some fancy upgrades.

Catio Spaces

This includes adding cedar shelves, branches, a catwalk, or even a sunroof, depending on how much you think your cat needs inside the 'Catio' to enjoy the space.

Personally, I think my cat would just be happy being able to feel the air on her fur and hear the birds in the trees, but she also prefers playing with garbage than her own toys so maybe she's just a cat of simple pleasures.

h/t: Scary Mommy