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These Ice Cream-Filled Cookie Dough Bites Prove Heaven Exists

Cookie dough is my favorite treat. Screw salmonella; if cookie dough is within reach, I'll eat it.

Needless to say, chocolate chip cookie dough is my #1 favorite ice cream flavor, and 95% of brands do not maintain an adequate ice cream-to-dough ratio.

I'm just saying that if I buy something advertised as having cookie dough in it, I shouldn't have to dig for it.

If I wanted just vanilla ice cream, that's what I would have bought, 'kay?

(And yes, I'm the person who asks for triple-stuff in her cookie dough Blizzards.)

I've even taken to freezing some of my own dough into bite-sized pieces when I'm baking.

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Which is why when I saw these Wallops by High Road Craft, I was immediately sold on the idea.

These incredible balls of scrumptiousness have an ice cream center surrounded by cookie dough and a chocolate shell.

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It is possibly the best thing to come to the frozen dessert aisle since the aisle was invented.

They come in four different varieties too.

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There's mint ice cream with chocolate cookie dough, strawberry ice cream with peanut butter dough, coconut ice cream with almond dough, and sweet cream ice cream with chocolate chip dough.

So far, they've been spotted at Safeway, Albertsons, Wegmans, and The Fresh Market.

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Of course, you can also order them in bulk directly from High Road Craft.

Personally, I want to try every flavor, but whichever you choose, I'm sure they'll pack a wallop.

(I'll show myself out.)