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Megan McCain Calls Trump A 'Child' For Continuing To Attack Her Father

Amy Pilkington 30 May 2019

Whatever you may feel about specific choices or policies of late John McCain, I think we can all agree that he was a man who did a lot of incredible things over the course of an eventful lifetime.

While people may quibble about his legacy, most would agree that when a person passes away, personal hatchets should probably be buried.

And yet, Donald Trump has continued to bring up the late senator in tweets and interviews, often in a negative light.

President Trump just completed a visit to Japan. During his visit, the Wall Street Journal released a report that the White House Military Office had requested the Navy keep the USS John McCain "out of sight" while the President was there.

According to the report, preparations began to obscure the name, but higher level Navy officials nixed the idea.

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The report has been denied, but details have since been confirmed by other news organizations, such as the Associate Press.

The report raised the hackles of Meghan McCain, the senator's daughter, who had some harsh words for the President who can't seem to let things go.

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In the tweet, she calls Trump a child for feeling threatened by her father's legacy.


She also points out that while people may complain about how much she brings up her father, she feels like she has to stand up for him against Trump.

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So far, Trump hasn't commented on McCain's tweet, but has addressed the controversy of the USS John S. McCain.

In a tweet, he said that he was not informed of any special plans for the Navy ship, but he and his wife were happy to be among those serving in the military.

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Upon returning to the US, he expanded on his thoughts in an interview.

He was asked if he would apologize for the issue, he said no, since he had nothing to do with it, and that he believes those responsible thought they were doing him a favor.

h/t: PEOPLE, ABC News

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