There Is Finally Some News On 'The Walking Dead' Season 10

The Walking Dead has officially started filming for its tenth season. It returns to our television sets in October.

Before we dive into the slight spoilers, we have got for the next season, let's take a trip back.

Season 9 was definitely a wild ride.


Since both Lauren Cohan and Andrew Lincoln weren't there, the season definitely took a hit.

But it made up for it with major plot twists.

We were introduced to our new villains: The Whisperers.


And they really don't care about who they kill or hurt.

Their leader, Alpha made that very clear when she infiltrated The Kingdom and killed some of the civilians.

The season ended with some questions.

Alpha clearly has revenge in mind. Daryl and Carol are back on the will-they-won't-they circle.

And fans don't know if Negan is down with Team Family.

So here's what we know.

In case you didn't realize it by now, spoilers are about to follow.

But they're pretty tame, to be fair.

Season 10 might allow Negan to play the good guy.


According to the Mailbag, "After saving Judith in the blizzard it seems Negan has earned slightly more trust with Michonne and the higher-ups in Alexandria."

There will be yet another time jump.


The time jump will probably give us the following:

Rosita will probably have her baby, Judith will be older, and hopefully, one character will return.

Maggie Greene may be returning.


Yes, thank the gods.

Lauren Cohan disappeared last season, due to some BTS drama and her new show. But fans are hoping she will make a return.

Fans are desperate for October to come around.


There are a lot of storylines that are just waiting to be played out.

Are you excited for the new season to premiere? Let us know in the comments!