10+ Rules The 'Jersey Shore' Cast Has To Follow On The Show

Alright, get your cabs called, get your t-shirts ready, throw the beach into your gps, pump those fists, I'm ready for some gtl, you're ready for some gtl, let's do some Jersey Shore.

Today we're talking "Jersey Shore", boys and girls.


And it's gonna be nice. Oh yeah, we're going to tackle some of the rules they had to follow while the cast was on the show.

Rule Number 1: There are no rules.

Rule Number 2: There are actually several.

1. They Were Encouraged To Party.


What would Jersey Shore be without the parties? Well, the producers thought about that too. They would urge the cast to party, but it's not like they needed much motivation.

Snooki said in an interview with The New York Post: “You get bored because you have nothing to do but just look at each other and talk. I think it definitely made us want to drink — and that was the point.”

2. They Never Got A Break.


Reality TV means that your reality must constantly be broadcast on TV.

The cast of Jersey Shore never had a time out and was always, and I mean always on camera.

3. They Were At The Mercy Of The Editor.


Which means they had no control over how they would look in every episode.

That means every ugly face, every bad hair day, every moment where they didn't look their best could've been broadcast on television.

4. They Had A Secret Roommate They Couldn't Mention.


The whole truth wasn't broadcast on TV. Not only did the producer, SallyAnn, live with them in secret, but they also had a guy that was apparently "the life of the party".

Joey Fist Pumps was his name. And, apparently, Fist Pumps were his game.

5. They Occasionally Had To Stage Fights.


While some people would like you to think that Jersey Shore is all reality, all the time, sometimes they've got to add some spice.

Some scenes throughout the show have been noticeably staged, especially some of the cat fights.

6. They Couldn't Visit Historical Sites In Italy.


This wasn't a rule given by the producers, but by the mayor of Florence himself.

Matteo Renzi commented frequently about how he didn't want the cast disgracing his city.

One Italian columnist said that: “They embody the worst stereotypes of Italians, multiplied by thousands and Americanized.”

7. They Had To Stay In Seaside Heights.


This wasn't actually a restriction for the cast, but for the show in general.

Yes, apparently according to MetDaan, the only place in New Jersey they were allowed to film in was Seaside Heights.

8. They Didn't Get Paid.


They didn't get a cent for the first season. Not a dime.

Need proof? Well, Vinny told Vulture:“We did the first season for nothing, zero dollars, except whatever we made at the Shore Store. Me and Ronnie, the first week, we told production, “Listen, I think we have to leave. We don’t have any money.” I’d just graduated college, I didn’t have a job.”

9. The Cast Agreed To A 'Disease Cause'.


Turns out everything might not have been so clean on the Jersey Shore, believe it or not.

Before the Jersey Shore cast joined the show, the had to sign a contract saying they were aware the rest of them had not been screened. Yikes!

10. They Couldn't Pass Notes.


This wasn't middle school, ladies and gents, there were no secrets on the Jersey Shore.

Everything was out in the open, an order from the producers, and the cast couldn't even write their thoughts to each other.

11. They Pretty Much Had To Fight.


Honestly, cause there wasn't much else to do.

Snooki said in an interview with V Magazine:

"You can’t listen to music, you can’t do anything. It’s kind of like being in jail for two months—and people wonder why all we do is drink! It’s because there’s nothing else to do! It passes the time and makes it fun. If you’re sober the whole time, you will go insane.”

12. They Got One Private Phone Call.


There was at least one moment of private time a week.

Yes, they got to call someone completely alone, totally away from the cameras. Much to the dismay of the producers, I presume.

13. They Couldn't Go Out Without Giving Notice.


Yep, and as a matter of fact, even if they wanted to go out they had to go with a camera crew.

And all house guests had to pass a specific test. It was a pretty restrictive environment.

14. They Couldn't Sue.


Specifically, they couldn't sue the producers if they contracted any diseases.

Oh yeah, this was another part of the "disease clause" that was signed at the beginning. Yeesh! You gotta wonder why they even got together.