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16+ People Who Decided To Just Do Their Own Thing

I've always been a rule-follower. It's not something I've actively decided, but just my nature. If I was told not to cross the street alone, I would stand and wait for hours for the forgetful adult that was supposed to come get me.

For the most part, following the rules is a good thing, but sometimes I wish I was more adventurous. Maybe not as adventurous as some of these people, though.

Oh, please, any wizard could tell you this is fake.

Reddit | Gnurx

Because, clearly Harry's cloak isn't invisible when he isn't wearing it. Otherwise, he would have lost it the moment he st it down somewhere.

I wonder if these two were on the yearbook committee.

Reddit | vxyg

Otherwise, how would they be absolutely sure that their yearbook pics and quotes would be side-by-side?

Pretty funny, though.

Yes, this store sells only rubber ducks.

Reddit | brownbitchzzz96

I don't know how long such a niche store can stay open and afford rent, but I do know that if one of these opened near me I'd definitely go in and buy the biggest ducky in stock.

This guy's breaking all the rules!

Reddit | franklinyulian

So at this library, you can't use your phone, drink, eat, or smoke, but no shoes or shirt is apparently fine.

There are many art mediums available to experiment with, but this person used the sun.

Reddit | YoungLink

This piece was made using only a magnifying glass to direct the sunlight where they wanted the lines to be. Sure, they could have used a wood-burning tool, but this is pretty neat regardless.

Yes, this is a banana car.

Reddit | EvasiveJoker425

And yes, there's a family that regularly drives it around town when the weather is right. I'm not sure there's any "right" weather for a banana car, though.

Not everyone can agree on where to spend a holiday, and sometimes you're forced to compromise.

Reddit | jcepiano

And sometimes when you're on the losing side of said compromise, you find a passive aggressive way to ensure that everyone knows you would rather be elsewhere.

All dogs are good dogs.

Reddit | Praxi0

Sure, you could believe that this guilty boy wanted to show off his treat or bring one to his human, but what if he's just asking them to use those opposable thumbs to open the package?

This dinosaur's skills are en pointe.

Reddit | ScaredServe8

Yeah, I did that and I regret nothing.

Seriously though, balancing in that costume takes some serious skill.

Is it weird to shelter under the skirt of Marilyn Monroe?

Reddit | Notgman17

Sure, but in a downpour, you'll take whatever shelter you can find and that skirt has tons of space underneath it.

The teacher seems awfully put out by this.

Reddit | Kinderpingui17

Hard to tell whether the student actually confused "finish" and "Finnish" or if this was a visual pun, but I think it's worth half a mark.

This teacher, though, totally gets it.

Reddit | XboxTryhard

Such perfection in a single word. And since it's a risk to answer the question as a joke, it's also technically correct. Bonus!

I love this kid so very very much.

Reddit | DoctorBroBro

They witnessed a crime and did what they could to solve it, but even though they were inspired by Spider-Man, there's a sarcastic tone that feels right out of Deadpool.

I don't think I can get behind this one.

Reddit | WillTwerkForFood1

You know how grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup are a classic combo? This person made a tomato sandwich to go along with their cheese soup.

This is an oldie, but still hilarious.

Twitter | @adamstone341

For the record, the pink doggo was a prank and the shampoo didn't actually cause it, but it's fun. I definitely prefer these sorts of pranks over some of the other crap on social media.

Most people cut exes out of old photos, but not this time.

Reddit | littlebaggyofpot

It took the family two years to notice that their father had taped George Costanza's face over a daughter's ex-boyfriend.

This truck driver is carrying a teeny tiny dump truck.

Reddit | PinkAnenome

Apparently, there's a superstition about driving a flatbed truck without cargo. I don't know it this little toy was meant to combat that, but it sure is cute.

Lizards need exercise too.

Reddit | campbellpics

Though I'd keep my distance. Nile monitor lizards may be popular in pet circles, but are known to be aggressive.

It's all fun and games until someone calls IT for the logs.

Reddit | 69SpongeBob69

Okay, this is pretty funny, but seriously: why do people steal lunches? It's just dumb and not worth saving the $5 on a sandwich from the corner store.