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Brides Are Ditching Flowers For Pizza Bouquets to Make Their Weddings Extra Cheesy

Wedding season is upon us, and if the show 'Four Weddings' has taught me anything, it's that there's going to be a lot of brides-to-be out there trying to make their special day as unique and memorable as possible.

And what better way to make your own wedding stand out than by walking down the aisle to your betrothed with a pizza bouquet in hand?

It's like the perfect answer to that age old question, how can I incorporate my unyielding love for pizza into my wedding day?

According to Delish, the pizza chain Villa Italian Kitchen is behind the edible arrangement of bite-sized pizza slices, adorned with fresh tomatoes and pepperoni roses.

Grooms can even join in on the pizza party with their own cheesy boutonniere.

Villa Italian Kitchen

The boutonniere is a minature pizza (complete with pepperoni because what pizza is complete without some pepperoni?) that attaches directly to a tux lapel.

Honestly, any couple who are this extra and this passionate about pizza deserve each other because that is the best example of true love I can think of.

Other brides are leading the charge on ditching flowers in favor of delicious food for their wedding bouquets.

Instagram | @dessertboxes

This bride opted for a bouquet of tasty donuts to accompany her down the aisle, and I'm sure the edible arrangement came in handy after the ceremony when she started feeling a little snackish.

Some have carried cotton candy instead of flowers to make her wedding day even sweeter.

Unsplash | Yarden

I just hope these brides resisted taking a bite of their fluffy clouds of sugary goodness until they were out of their dresses because otherwise they could have had a very sticky wedding day.

When it comes to your wedding day, the biggest thing should be that you're marrying the person you love most in the world.

Unsplash | Beatriz PĂ©rez Moya

Anything else (like what you're carrying down the aisle) is just icing on the cake.

Or pepperoni on the pizza. Either or.

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