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People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Parents To Show How Cool They Were Back In The Day

Some kids would never be caught dead admitting that they think their parents were ever cool. But on the other hand, when you have photographic evidence denying that fact becomes much harder.

Check out these vintage pictures of people's parents that definitely prove that they were much cooler than their kids. So take that, kiddos!

1. When Your Folks Had Cooler Cars Back In 1969


"50 Years Ago - A picture taken by my Mom... of my Dad... and their first Car... A Spitfire Convertible," said Reddit user MR_PRESlDENT.

2. When Your Mom Knows Cooler People Than You

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"My mom and her badass haircut in the late 80’s early90’s, she modeled a dress for Prince around this time!" said Reddit user xxsylxviaxx.

3. When You Realize Your Mom Was More Of A Badass Even When She Was Young

Reddit | KingHattie

"My Mom getting sworn in to the US Air Force circa 1970," said Reddit user KingHattie.

4. When You Find Out Your Mom Kicked Serious Butt Back In The '80s.

Reddit | completedesaster

"My mom flew helicopters for the Army in the '80s," said Reddit user completedesaster. Holy crapy, this is really impressive!

6. When You Discover The World's First Selfie

Reddit | mastiffmum

"Vietnam: my father’s version of a selfie before selfies were a thing," said Reddit user mastiffmum. OMG, that is truly an amazing capture. What a find.

5. When Your Mom Will Protect You No Matter What

Reddit | Leo_nardo

"My pregnant mom at gunpoint trying to get home - May 1969 Berkeley," said Reddit user Leo_nardo. Wow, this speaks volumes. Scary but bold.

7. When Your Dad Is A Real Life Hero

Reddit | thagoodag

"My dad saving a child from a burning building in the late 80s, San Antonio, TX," said Reddit user thagoodag. This is incredible.

8. When Your Dad Rides Like The Wind

Reddit | jaymichka

"My dad in the 70’s. Before kids turned him soft," said Reddit user jaymichka. Ha ha ha, at least he's got this picture as a reminder.

9. When He's Got His Dog And His Hog

Reddit | twizzletots

"My dad, his dog and his hog (1970s)," said Reddit user twizzletots. He probably wouldn't be able to get away with this today. LOL!

10. When You Start A Rock Band

Reddit | ADayInTheL1fe

"My Dad and his band, 1978," said Reddit user ADayInTheL1fe. Too bad The Reflections didn't make it big but it's fun to see them try.

11. When You Go Off The Grid

Reddit | rubywild

"My dad and his goats. We lived off the grid during the 70s and 80s and had no electricity or running water," said Reddit user rubywild.

12. When You Realize Your Mom Really Is The Coolest

Reddit | strawberrrymillk

"My mom in the mid 1980’s showing off her customized license plate," said Reddit user strawberrrymillk.

Their mom really is living up to the car's license plate!

13. When Your Parents Are The Cutest

Reddit | quickstop_rstvideo

"The first photo my dad took of my mom, 1982," wrote Reddit user quickstop_rstvideo.

This totally beats today's parents' first pictures taken at the club.

14. When You Realize You Actually Want To Hang With Your Dad

Reddit | princessleiasbae

"My dad (left) and his friends headed to see the Grateful Dead at Pine Knob (Detroit, MI) July 1, 1984," said Reddit user princessleiasbae.

This is the definition of #squad.

15. When The Photo Really Looks Like It's 2019

Reddit | crustyma

"My mom and dad- circa 1994," wrote Reddit user crustyma.

1994, 2019 — same-diff.

16. When You Realize You Want Your Parents Clothes

Reddit | Jaxdallas

"1984 - The year Mom made Dad sell his sports car," said Reddit user Jaxdallas.

That sucks he had to sell the car, but at least they have some stylish outfits!

17. When You Realize Your Mom Isn't A Regular Mom — She's A Cool Mom

Reddit | clever-kat

"My mother in middle school, 1985," wrote Reddit user clever-kat.

When your mom had style like this in middle school, you've got to give her props!

18. When You Got Proof Your Dad Was A Rockstar

Reddit | TheBrofessor23

"My dad playing guitar on top of a giant stack with Heart - Japan Jam '79," said Reddit user TheBrofessor23. So cool!

19. When No One Will Dare To Mess With Your Mom

Reddit | hellooooo3

"My Mom in the Police Academy, 1984 (ish)," said Reddit user hellooooo3. She definitely looks like she's ready for some serious action here.

I'm absolutely obsessed with these pictures.

Unsplash | Laura Fuhrman

How fun is it to go down the memory lane and see your folks be the cool badasses they were. This is beyond awesome!