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Study Finds Fresh Flowers Could Be The Secret To Reducing Pain And Anxiety

If you love to treat yourself to a bouquet or a new potted plant, go ahead! It could actually be good for your health.

A study has found that flowers and plants in hospital rooms had positive impacts on the patients who were recovering from surgery.

Nothing beats a dose of flower power, I suppose.

If you love having flowers and plants around the home, this study will give you an excuse to treat yourself to a new bouquet.

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A study conducted by The American Society For Horticultural Science examined how having plants in hospital rooms affected patients.

Ninety patients recovering from appendectomies were randomly assigned to rooms that either contained plants or had no plants.

The results were quite surprising.

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Those patients who had plants in their room reported lower levels of pain and stress, took fewer pain killers, had lower blood pressure, and overall, had a more positive mood than patients who had no plants in their rooms.

As well, patients who had plants in their room were more active and would get up to take care of the plants.

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Overall, patients who had plants in their rooms had a more "healing" perspective of the hospital and their stay.

Other studies have confirmed that being around plants and nature helps people feel more calm and happier.

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Another study conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that activities like gardening can be just as beneficial to your health as a workout.

Basically, these studies give everyone an excuse to go out and buy some more plants for their homes. I'm so in!