You Can Get The Sims 4 For Free Until The End Of May

For many Millennials, The Sims was a staple of our childhood.

If you've never sat in your best friend's basement computer room giggling over a desktop monitor bigger than a washing machine luring a Sim version of your boyfriend into the backyard pool just to delete the ladder and watch him swirl away into the dark cold abyss, have you even lived?

We've all had a 'Sim-Obsessed' stage of our lives.

And with all the new expansion packs, game-play updates, and cool story lines, it's perfectly understandable to still be in that stage right now.

Whether you mostly just make intricately detailed characters and buildings, or you play as a lowly widow who has a graveyard in her backyard of all of the Sim husbands she's murdered, you are playing the Sims correctly because you're playing it your way.

Well hold on to your plumbobs—the newest Sim game is now available for free.


I'm not just talking about an expansion pack either. I'm talking the Sims 4 Base game, the one that started it all, the one that's normally upwards of 60 bucks.

Until the end of May, The Sims 4 can be downloaded for the wonderful price of zero dollars.

The promotion is live in all countries.


All you have to do is either sign in or make an account through Origin and click the orange button on the Sims 4 page that reads "get it for free."

The game has gotten SUPER detailed over the last few years.


Sims 4 didn't get rave reviews back when it first launched in 2014, but since then, updates and expansion packs have given us the most realistic and interesting game play and universe that we've ever had in a Sims game.

The only downside is...no, you still can't change the height of your sims.

I know, I'm upset too.

You have until the end of May before the price goes back up.


Me? I'm ready to settle in for the night with a cup of hot tea and create a household of seven raccoons taken care of by a vampire actress who's goal in life is to have the best garden.

Happy Simming!