This DIY Kiosk Kit Would Make The Perfect Backyard Bar

Maybe I am late to the game on this one, but I have just discovered that the internet is basically a DIYers dream come true. You can order anything online these days and have it shipped to your home in no time. I am obsessed and it is seriously bad news for my credit card.

My latest find are these DIY kiosk kits from Allwood. They were made for vendors at outdoor markets, but would also work perfectly for a backyard bar.

This retail kiosk kit from Allwood is currently available online from the company's site and Amazon.


The kit comes in two sizes: the larger "Amanda" style pictured above, and a smaller "Okki" model. Both kits would be perfect to make a DIY bar in your backyard this summer.

Each kiosk is made from nordic spruce, and best of all, no interior finishing is needed.


Just take an afternoon or two, put it together, and start serving up some drinks. I'll cheers to that!

Here's a look at the smaller Okki model.


If your yard is a bit tight for space, then this option might be better for you. Both models are reasonably priced, too. The Amanda retails for $3,795 and Okki retails for $3,295. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Best of all, the window covers fold out to create a handy counter or bar!


Pull up some bar stools and you're all set for a great night in with friends. When you're done, simply close up shop to keep everything inside protected from the elements.

I don't know about you, but I am loving these kits and need one for my backyard ASAP! I hope they offer express shipping!