Daenerys' Final Scene On 'Game Of Thrones' Had Yet Another Mistake

And no, it's not the water bottle that has everyone talking. And it's not another coffee cup either.

But it does have to do with the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys.

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

'Game of Thrones' has had a couple of mistakes throughout the years.

And it started way before season 8.

Here is one iconic scene that people had to be reminded of.

The first one of season 8 had the infamous coffee cup.

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Thankfully, even HBO made a joke out of it.

It ended up being hilarious, but we were in for more.

HBO released an official statement.

It's good to know that at least everyone saw the humor in the situation.

Otherwise, that would have been awkward.

This one was a bit controversial.

This mistake actually came about in a promo photo, rather than the actual footage.

But still, it's sloppy.

We thought the final one came with the water bottle.

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But sadly, it was not.

At least we know that everyone in Game of Thrones is staying hydrated.

People made some very good points about it.

There are worse things, we suppose.

However, it wasn't the only mistake they made in the same episode.

Now, onto the mistake you've been waiting for.

We've teased you long enough with their past mistakes.

Let's finally get into the good stuff.

This season we had a few mistakes, and the finale was no exception.

A for Effort on the showrunners parts, we guess.

But it kind of takes away the magic don't you agree?

Daenerys finally got what she wanted.

She burned down King's Landing and took Cersei down with it.

It was an epic battle sequence, that's for sure.

And she wasn't even done the killing.

There was barely anyone alive in the city, but she gave orders to kill any enemies that still lived.

The series finale gave us some amazing moments with Dany.

Like this shot in particular. It's THE shot we all didn't know we needed.

She truly is the Mother of Dragons.

She gave a rousing speech to her men.

It was a nice throwback to when Dany was first starting out, and strengthening her armies.

Personally, her speech about blood and war sent a shiver down my spine.

But then she broke a couple of hearts when she sent Tyrion to prison.

Tyrion is a fan favorite, so fans were seriously afraid that he was going to die.

Luckily, that was not the case.

And there was a problem with that speech...

But it's not the mistake we're talking about.

Maybe Jon learned Dothraki behind the scenes!

After that, Tyrion informed Jon that he had to make a choice between Dany and the kingdom.

It was a very hard choice for him, considering the love he has for her.

But before he killed her, Dany's mistake made its way to the screens.

Dany finally made her walk down to the Iron Throne.

It was a quiet but epic moment for both Dany and viewers.

It was the fulfillment of her vision, and it was what she was working toward. But there was something wrong...

During the intimate scene Dany had with the throne, fans noticed something hilarious.

Between burning down a whole kingdom, and making a speech, it looks like Dany also had time to get her nails done.

A fan put together the modern Westeros.

The realm is seriously full of amazing stores and services!

No wonder everyone is so pretty on the show.

At least the design looks good.

Which is your favorite mistake of the season on Game of Thrones?

Let us know in the comments!