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11+ Makeup Trends That Are Too Weird For Words

Makeup can accentuate our natural beauty, hide imperfections, and make us look and feel more beautiful on the outside to match how we feel inside.

But what happens when makeup takes a turn towards the bizarre?

Check out the following "different" makeup trends and let me know if you think they're yay or nay!

1. Creeping Out Your Neighbours

I sincerely hope this makeup is only reserved for Halloween because I wouldn't want this to become a trend anytime soon. What do you think?

2. Pet Lover

You know people call you "the cat lady" when you really, really love your cat. But I've never seen devotion go this far. A little too much?

3. Cry Me A River Of Glitter

Glitter makeup has always been very popular because it really stands out. As much as I love the idea, it's just too sad.

4. When You're Inspired By Oreos

Wow, somebody is taking their Oreo obsession to a new level. I thought having one thick eyebrow was bad enough, but this? I'm not feeling this look.

5. When You're In Love With Love

If you ever want to show your loving side, why not just wear it all on your face? Is this a good look?

6. Garden Child

This look is probably going to make any garden lover truly happy. But I think I'll just stick with planting an actual garden in my backyard instead.

7. Going White

I hope this bizarre, white eyebrow doesn't become the latest trend because I don't think this look would be flattering on too many people, myself included.

8. Cloudy Day

I guess they were going for some kind of artistic look here resembling clouds or something. But obscuring your vision for beauty is definitely going too far.

9. Spider Lashes

Women spend a lot of money buying mascara that will thicken and lengthen their lashes, so I get the appeal, but spider lashes are just too weird.

10. Canary Eyes

I'm all about experimenting with eye shadow colors because that's really fun and usually looks so pretty. But when you start to resemble a canary, it's cray!

11. Third Eye

Instagram | @alexandra_anele

It's one thing to overexaggerate the look of your eye, but it's quite another to add a third fake eye as well. Who's looking at me?

12. Butterfly Lashes


I'm particularly sensitive when it comes to my lashes and I hate having anything obscure my vision. So as pretty as this looks, this is a no for me.

13. Nose Hair

Instagram | @sophiehannah

I've been seeing this supposed new beauty trend lately and I'm stating it clearly here: This is the grossest thing ever. So please, don't do this, people.

14. Fuzzy Lips

For me, this look isn't even that weird. I just dislike it because it seems so impractical. How are you supposed to eat anything? No thanks.

15. Dragon Brows

Some people really want to channel their inner Mother of Dragons...with their eyebrows. Not sure I totally get it, but, you do you!

16. Unicorn Horn Nails

Some people want to be a unicorn so much that they'll go as far as adding horns to their nails. I wonder if these give people magic powers?

17. Crystal Lips

While this look is beautiful, once again, I find myself asking, "How do you eat with this look?"

Food trumps beauty in my books.

18. Gum Ball Nails

If you ever wanted your nails to look like literal candy, this is the trend for you. There's something about these that makes me feel uneasy.

19. Foil Makeup

Is anyone else getting some Tin Man vibes from this look? I mean, it does look very futuristic but it also kind of reminds me of dinner leftovers.

20. Squiggle Brows

Thankfully, this is just an optical illusion created with makeup and not her actual eyebrow. I think she'd raise a few brows going out in public like this, if you know what I mean.

21. Furry Nails

Here's your chance to turn your nails into teeny-tiny dusters. My only question is just, why? Why do these exist? Please, someone help me and explain this trend!

22. Gummy Bear Brows

Finally! A trend I approve of because food is involved. It's like a beauty trend and a snack rolled into one. Yum!

I might be a purist when it comes to keeping your makeup clean and simple.

It may seem too boring for some, but I'd rather not become a conversation piece.