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12+ Things All Girls Growing Up In The '90s And Early 2000s Did

Oh gosh, the '90s and early 2000s seem like a such a blur. But there are a few things I remember vividly about this time. And to be honest it makes me feel nostalgic and want to laugh out loud at the same time.

The things we did, stuff we thought was fashionable and the shows we watched... it's all coming back to me now.

1. This Hairstyle


Oh, why did we think looking like a cute little girl was such a hot look? It was not. But we did it anyway. LOL!

2. Buying Snapple In Every Flavour


This was the drink of choice and you absolutely had to have your fridge stocked up in every flavor so you wouldn't run out.

3. Sporting Pleather Jackets In Metalic Colors


OMG, I totally forgot about this trend. And I totally had one of those, too. They looked fake AF, but oh well.

4. Listening To Your Boombox


Especially when you did it lying on the floor with all your CDs spread out so you can go over the liner notes. Haha!

5. Wearing These Shoes


Speaking of looking like a little girl, remember these shoes? What in the world we were thinking getting like five pairs in all different colors?

6. Or These Shoes

Steve Madden

These Steve Madden slip-ons were our go-to shoes for every fancy occasion such as going out on a date or hanging out with friends.

7. Obsessing About This Dress For The Prom


This ballgown and a tank trend was so on point in the '90s it was all the rage. We all wanted it.

8. Reading Teen Magazines


Remember the age before the internet when you actually had to read Seventeen magazine to get your latest important celebrity scoop? Oh, the days.

9. Wearing Frosted Shimmer Eyeshadow


The amount of frosted eye shimmer I bought in the '90s is staggering. I had so much of this stuff I could set up shop.

10. Wearing A Pashmina With An Evening Gown


This was our favorite fashion accessory. It was so simple and easy to just throw on. Can you blame us?

11. Hanging Out In Online Chatrooms


This was a big thing back in the day in the early days of the internet. Yahoo or AOL chatrooms were our new addiction as teenagers.

12. Wearing Brown Or Nude Lipgloss


Any shade of brown lipstick or lip gloss was definitely our go-to color. Especially mocha, chocolate, or cinnamon were our things back then.

13. Accessorizing Your Room With A Lava Lamp


And of course, no room would be complete without a lava lamp. So cute but also dangerous when it got super hot.

14. Wearing This Outfit

Since Lizzie McGuire wore it, we all had to wear it. Why were butterflies so in back then?

This brings out a lot of memories.

Some of them good, some of them not so great but overall I'm just happy to have survived it all.