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8+ Makeup Myths We Need To Stop Believing

I'm not a makeup expert by any means, so I have to admit sometimes I need a little help when it comes to dispelling makeup myths.

So I was happy to find out that there are things about makeup that I didn't know. And I'd like to share those little gems I found with all of you.

Let's check them out!

1. Makeup Doesn't Expire


I dunno why, but we tend to overlook the fact that makeup does expire. As air and bacteria start to enter your product, the expiration clock starts.

2. Apply Concealer Before Foundation


I've always thought this to be true. But apparently, it's the opposite. That way you only need to dab a little bit sporadically.

3. Use Concealer Lighter Than Your Face

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Not a good idea. Instead, choose a tone that matches your skin exactly so the concealer blends seamlessly into your skin

4. You Don't Have To Clean Makeup Brushes

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Whoever told you that is dead wrong. Brushes can have loads of bacteria on them so you need to wash them often.

5. You Always Need Foundation

That's not entirely true. If your skin is very clear you might only need a tinted moisturizer and you're good to go. Yippee!

6. Lip Plumpers Will Make Your Lips Bigger

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This is another myth. Those supposed lip plumpers are only temporary because they have ingredients that make your lips look swollen.

7. All-Natural Products Won't Cause A Reaction

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This is definitely false. Just because the ingredients are natural doesn't mean you can't react to them. So test it out first.

8. Expensive Makeup Brands Are Better

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Not necessarily. As long as the product contains the same ingredients the price doesn't matter. So skip the expensive stuff and get a bargain.

9. Sleeping With Makeup Is Okay

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If you sleep with your makeup on, you won't give your skin a chance to breathe and rejuvenate overnight. You'll end up clogging up your pores.

10. You Only Need To Throw Out Your Mascara When It Starts To Clump

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Actually, mascara is the most important product to toss early because bacteria can cause eye infections.

11. Put Bronzer All Over Your Face

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Wrong. Doing it this way will make you look unnatural. Instead, just add it to the areas that get the most sun exposure.

12. You Don't Need Sunscreen If Your Foundation Has It

I wish this was true. But unfortunately, your foundation doesn't have the same SPF factor as real sunscreen.

13. Pumping Mascara Gets Rid Of Clumps

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Sadly, I always thought this was true. But pumping actually introduces air and creates more clumps. That explains a lot. Dang, it!

Oh boy, why did I believe the myth about pumping mascara is beyond me.

I dunno where this even got started but I definitely got fooled by that one.

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