Season 15 Of 'Grey's Anatomy' Ended With A Major Cliffhanger

Seriously these characters go through more than what most do in a whole lifetime.

The season finale of Grey's Anatomy aired and it was obviously epic. There's one cliffhanger in particular that people can't stop talking about.

These poor doctors can't have a moment of peace.


Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is not a quiet place despite the fact that it's a hospital.

There is always drama around, especially when it comes to Meredith Grey.

The show has made quite a mark.


Grey’s Anatomy made history when it was announced that they are the longest-running medical drama on American television.

All that drama actually paid off.

Fans may have thought they were prepared, but they weren't.

Are any of us when it comes to Grey's? Shonda Rhimes has a way of completely shocking us.

This episode was no exception.

Seattle was undergoing a storm.


How fitting for the final episode of the season.

If there's one thing that Grey's Anatomy is good at, it's having us on the edge of our seats.

Meredith confessed.


DeLuca went to jail for her! Come on! After she confessed, Alex and Richard also took partial blame.

And they got fired. Yeah, the OG3 got fired.

That was probably a terrible moment for Bailey.


Bailey loves her co-workers, no matter how else she may make it seem.

So for her to fire Alex, Meredith, and Richard, that must have broken her heart.

But the biggest shocker was the huge Jackson cliffhanger.


Seriously. What happened to him?

Last we saw of him he walked into the fog. What does that mean? Is he coming back? Is he dead? Who knows with this show.

We are itching for next season already.


There are a ton of questions at the end of the season, but the two largest ones lay with Meredith and Jackson.

Will she confess and go to jail? And where the hell is Jackson?

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