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Grumpy Cat Has Passed Away And Fans Are In Mourning

It's a sad day on the Internet.

One of its most familiar faces has passed away: Grumpy Cat. The announcement came from the family in the early hours of May 17.

Grumpy Cat, whose name is actually Tardar Sauce, became a sensation in 2012.

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Tardar Sauce was born in April that same year, joining the Morristown, Arizona family of Tabatha Bundesen.

Once it was clear that her grumpy face was a permanent thing, Tabatha's brother Bryan shared a couple of photos on Reddit that September.

Since Tardar Sauce's face perfectly encapsulates every person on a Monday morning, she was dubbed Grumpy Cat.

Know Your Meme

The original pics got more than 25,000 upvotes in the first 24 hours and it didn't take long for people to begin turning Grumpy Cat into a certified meme.

Sadly, after 7 years, Grumpy Cat passed away.

In a Twitter announcement, her family explained that a urinary tract infection had encountered complications and despite the best care veterinarians could provide, Tardar Sauce passed away on May 14, 2019.

It's only been a short time since the announcement, but already the internet has gone into mourning.

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It's strange, but Grumpy Cat's grumpy face is somehow the perfect response to news like this.

It just sucks to hear.

The outpouring of love is only just beginning.


No matter how into internet meme culture you are, you've seen Grumpy Cat. She was mainstream and she will be missed.

But she will also live on, as the best memes always do.