Fans Started A Petition For A 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Remake

We probably all saw this coming, to a certain extent. The internet is good at two things: complaining and making petitions.

Ever since the last episode of Game of Thrones there has been plenty of complaining, and now there's a petition.

Warning, Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

You knew this was coming.


After the last episode on Game of Thrones you had to have known that a petition would find its way on the internet.

And it has! Fans are demanding a remake of season 8, after the disaster of the last episode.

People were super unhappy with the episode.

And with good reason, too. All the character development felt like it had been flushed down the toilet.

Especially in Dany's case. She is a fan favorite and she suddenly became ruthless and terrifying.

There were some decent moments, but it wasn't enough to save the episode.


The battle between The Hound and The Mountain was hailed as the best part of the episode.

But for fans, Dany's sudden terror over the city was enough to make them want a remake.

Even the death of the Lannisters wasn't anything special.


People were expecting Cersei to go out in a major way.

It was super disappointing to give her such a mundane death. Between that and the butchering of Dany's character, a petition was born.

Seriously, we're not joking.

Yes, it's a real thing. And yes, some people think it's ridiculous.

But you just can't stop the internet.

This season was a major let down for people.

The reviews are in and...they're all bad.

The latest episode also received a terrible rating on Rotten Tomatoes of 47%. For Game of Thrones that's awful.

Thankfully, some people see the humor in the petition.

This would definitely be...something.

Be honest, you would watch Danny Devito in anything. But he definitely wouldn't bring the same kind of power that Williams brings to the role.

For the most part though, people want a fix.

Daenerys has been the biggest problem for people this season, especially after the last episode.

From a true ruler, she has suddenly become the Mad Queen. People are just over it.