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15+ Times People Were Spittin' Straight Truth

mason.zimmer 15 May 2019

I used to work with a guy who could hear the most ridiculous statement and as long as it had a grain of truth to it, he would seem unfazed and say, "Well, you're not wrong."

We were pretty sure that he mostly said this as a way to get people to stop talking to him, but he was also really good at throwing this phrase down perfectly.

After all, if there was room to argue about how wrong that person was, that meant more people were asking him questions and fewer people were letting their creativity soar. As he often told us, that was the last thing he wanted.

Now that I've given you the right background, even those of you who have never met him will almost be able to hear him say "Well, you're not wrong" about what these people are laying down.

1. When a sign is a little off-center, there's always one joker who will follow it a little too closely.

Reddit | D3zMonst3r

Of course, if too many people follow their lead, that person better hope they don't run into the custodian or they might end up with a matching sign taped to them.

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2. This might not be the most thorough survival guide, but it is accurate.

Reddit | MellyBogs

It seems doubtful that this is the sole origin of the word "island," but this drawing gets more convincing the more I look at it.

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3. It may be OK for the environment, but even Prius drivers know what kind of car they've got.

Reddit | skippystew

Sadly, it's not something you would ever see James Bond driving unless he was in a really desperate situation.

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4. It's pretty much impossible to read this sign in anything but Ralph Wiggum's voice.

Reddit | DatMattyKid

But while that may sound like a diss, it's not like I can find any flaws here.

He is definitely doing what the sign says even if those 3D glasses aren't adding to the experience as much as he might have hoped.

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5. It's not often that we see a machine make such a persuasive case for why we shouldn't use it.

Reddit | RagnarTohara

Not only that, but it suddenly makes it a lot easier to understand why little kids throw tantrums at the supermarket. They're just loudly coming to this realization themselves.

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6. That may not be what this sign meant, but this driver just gave themselves plausible deniability.

Reddit | Quincynessig

I can almost see the exasperated look on the building owner's face as they put in another, more specific order to the sign maker.

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7. I'm not sure how good wine is as a digestive, but the other part of this sign checks out.

Reddit | MoonWatchersOdyssey

Just know that too much of it will probably bring about some pain of its own. Those wine headaches are no joke.

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8. That's a pretty clever way to ensure the first date doesn't start with any surprises.

Reddit | gbaroth

And yeah, that seems like a pretty plausible theory on what would happen. Doing that is also a great way to ensure that some prospective beau will not be getting a second date...from anyone.

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9. Well, yes, that is usually how it works.

Reddit | JazzerAtHeart

It's hard to be impressed by this sale, but any shopper who manages to find something of equal or lesser value in here is a genius.

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10. I'm guessing they were originally saying this changing station is sturdy, but this seems a little closer to reality.

Reddit | Martynypm

After all, I bet if somebody came in here and swabbed this surface, their lab analysis would definitely confirm that it's a turd station.

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11. As uncomfortable as flying can be, the chance to fill some gaps in my movie knowledge is definitely appreciated.

Reddit | plsdontaskjusthere

As cool as it can be to see a bird's-eye view of our world, it kind of loses its magic when you're left with a view of identical farms at the best of times and clouds anytime else.

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12. Obviously, whoever left this sign here has experienced their share of unpleasant surprises.

Reddit | sparkydoctor

I guess if nothing else, going through this while trying to sanitize your hands is a good reminder to be careful about using any lemon in tonight's cooking.

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13. I don't have children, but I'm suddenly very aware of why my parents told me to quietly hunt for Easter treats around the house as a kid.

Reddit | LegenwaitForItDary7

They said it was in case the Easter Bunny didn't get scared off before he finished giving me stuff, but now I realize it was an ingenious way to keep me happy without waking them up.

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14. Some clever barber found the only context in which a card like isn't terrifying.

Reddit | RagnarTohara

In fact, it's actually kind of reassuring here. If I'm paying for a haircut, it's good to know they're serious about giving me my money's worth.

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15. I'm just happy that somebody finally acknowledged the truth here.

Reddit | jomiran

I remember we used to flick the water off our hands at each other, which was probably about as effective as if we actually bothered to use the hand dryer.

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16. I don't know how effective this advertising is, but at least we can't call it false.

Reddit | RagnarTohara

I can't help but wonder if there's a good reason why they neglected to mention how many of those taste testers actually liked it, though.

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17. As excuses not to work go, I'd say that this one is pretty good.

Reddit | Fernxtwo

Maybe some folks are brave or impatient enough to risk getting a charred dish with completely random ingredients, but I'm not one of them.

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18. Forget safe driving— this is safe living.

Reddit | monsterbash24

Not only does the sign provide Durex with free advertising, but it let's the other drivers know who the true hero really is.

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19. Even babies know how to self advertise.

Reddit | g_boyyy

I'd give a baby all my money to be honest. It's all that gooey, squishy, baby charm.

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20. When it comes to business advertising, honesty really is the best policy.


Let's not sit around a pretend that our economy is in perfect shape, or pretend that our workers aren't partaking in the finer substances of life in order to deal with it.

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21. Don't try to pretend to be something you're not.

Reddit | trueboss_7856

I wouldn't call this false advertising at all. Instead, I'd call it transparency and catering to a very specific audience.

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22. In our current political climate, it's best not to make too many promises anyway.

Reddit | were459_785

Aren't zero promises better than unfulfilled ones? That way, our low standards will only ever be met or exceeded!

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23. I mean, this is technically correct.

Reddit | spacemoneys4589

Everything has more than one use if you really think outside the box.

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24. Growing up, it's important to know certain facts right from the get go.

Reddit | moseyposey56349

I always wondered why Santa let some kids experience war and strife while others got BMWs in different colors. Better to get it all out into the open as early as possible.

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25. A food warning that doesn't hold back.

Reddit | sumBo_dy

At least we know what we're in for, right?

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26. Bumper stickers are the 21st Century truth tellers.

Reddit | hay000

Is this not a direct quote? No? I could've sworn it was.

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27. Isn't there a saying that goes, "every time a bell rings, an angel gets a perm?"


I feel like this isn't an ad so much as a bad omen.

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28. This one's misleading but again, it's not entirely wrong.

Reddit | justMauie

Every now and then, someone will get an egg weird enough to make them give the things up entirely, but they still don't have to pick any bones out of it.

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29. It's not often we see something kinky, but with a message of concern for our planet.

Reddit | m4nuchz

Granted, I'm not saying it's never happened, but it's rare enough to indicate that you've got somebody special on your hands.

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30. Somebody clearly got mad when they found out this is what "teddy bear six feet for sale" meant, but where is the lie?

Reddit | PotatoClanMember

Besides, how else do you plan on making a Spider-Teddy without having to pay Marvel for licensing rights?

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