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8+ Celebs Who Bared Their Baby Bumps

Having a baby is a very special moment in a woman's life. Normally, it's a very intimate and private event, but not when it comes to celebrities.

Since they love to share their most intimate moments with the rest of us, it's no surprise that this is also true when it comes to their pregnancies.

Here's a number of celebrities who put their baby bumps proudly on display.

1. Chrissy Teigen

Talk about sharing your most private moments with your audience. Chrissy Teigen is the queen of that and here is the ultimate proof. Wow! That's bold.

2. Nikki Reed

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for any woman going through it. So how amazing is this really special picture Nikki Reed shared with her followers on Instagram?

3. Beyoncé

Of course, when we're talking about sharing baby bump pictures we can't forget Beyoncé. She even had a special photoshoot scheduled for this very occasion.

4. Olivia Wilde

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Olivia Wilde paired her baby bump with a black bikini in this mirror selfie. Flaunt that bump, mama!

5. Amy Schumer

Our favorite funny girl is always on point when it comes to making us laugh. And it's awesome to see pregnancy hasn't affected her sense of humor.

6. Jessica Simpson

Jessica has never shied away from sharing her life with us on reality TV, and as we can clearly see, pregnancy is no different.

7. Lindy Klim

Beautiful model and mother of four shares her stunning photos on Instagram, but here she goes even further sharing her pregnant belly for a magazine photo shoot.

8. Bekah Martinez

Bachelor star Bekah Martinez has been open about her life on TV, but even more so in her most private moments of pregnancy as she is here.

9. Jessie James Decker

This busy momma who's got a booming singing career also likes to keep it real with her followers on Instagram showing her belly progress pics.

10. Kelly Rowland

Speaking of singers, Kelly Rowland is another super busy lady who didn't let pregnancy stop her or from showing us her growing belly for Elle Magazine.

11. LeToya Luckett

Speaking of Destiny's Child here's another member of the group, LeToya Luckett, who's definitely feeling very zen during her pregnancy taking in some meditation. She'll need it.

12. Behati Prinsloo-Levine

Supermodels like Behati are used to strutting their stuff on the runway for all of us to see, but this pregnancy shot is even more wonderful.

13. Candice Swanepoel

As I said earlier, we're used to seeing supermodels wearing next to nothing on the runway but here Candice is happy to show off her baby bump.

It's so amazing to see women embracing their beautiful bodies during a special time such as pregnancy.

Kudos to them for sharing such intimate moments with all of us.