16+ Sightings That Are Way Too Good To Be True

Dan 15 May 2019

Most of us have seen a few cool things in our time. But on a day to day basis, life can be pretty boring sometimes. If you need something to spice things up, feast your eyes on these weird sights from around the internet.

1. When you can't afford an elephant.

Reddit | smilingbuddhauk

Elephants are cool and all, but tapirs come in at a lower price point and you can still ride them. Add a 'trunk' and nobody will be able to tell the difference.

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2. Trucker life.

Reddit | St0pX

I assumed truckers just watched shows on a small tablet like the rest of us, but as it turns out, a trucker with a white trailer and a projector basically has a mobile drive-in theater.

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3. Treacherous.

Reddit | 4chanAD

For the kind of person who likes to constantly live on the edge, even when they're just entering their apartment at the end of the day, this door/drain combo is absolutely perfect.

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4. Boba Fett just got less intimidating.

Reddit | thegreatsaiby

This behind the scenes pic was snapped during the filming of extra scenes for the special edition of Return of the Jedi. Turns out Boba Fett looks like Kip Dynamite when you remove his mask.

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5. Gulls doing gull things.

Reddit | bozobrain1

If you saw this and then told your friends that sometimes seagulls just stand on a different seagull's shoulders for no apparent reason, nobody would believe your wild story.

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6. Don't lean too far out those windows.

Reddit | iamstephen

This Italian church shows what a skilled architect can do when space is limited. It doesn't look like the easiest place to get inside of, but that's what rock climbing equipment is for.

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7. Found in New York.

Reddit | -criesuncontrollably

It takes a lot of work to find the exact angle a movie scene was shot from. But when you can contextualize things perfectly like this, it's pretty satisfying. Don't worry, Kevin McAllister will totally make the Wet Bandits pay.

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8. Unexpected Goldblum.

Reddit | 06EXTN

This tour guide at the Ben & Jerry's factory in Vermont was surprised to bump into none other than Jeff Goldblum. When you think about it, randomly going to the B&J's factory to delight tour guides sounds like a total Goldblum move.

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9. No big deal.


I wish I could better contextualize this pic of a guy, who's carrying some kind of inanimate rod, taking his lion for a walk in front of some weird foreign language signs. But I can't, so I won't.

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10. There's still hope.

Reddit | scaxx

"I'm the only person in my family born in America," captioned the Redditor who posted this pic, adding, "I'm also the poster child of when your parents dress you and don't know English."

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11. Distracted driving.

Reddit | x4candles

I've seen cars like this before, but only on rusted-out hulks that'll never move again. This car appears road-ready, which is...kind of alarming, if I'm being honest with myself.

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12. When you go wild at the Lego store.

Reddit | PetenkaLim

Everyone knows that Lego bricks come in all shapes, colors and sizes. This ginormous yellow brick might be a bit difficult to incorporate into a standard Lego set, though.

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13. Rock and roll all night.

Imgur | atodaso

It's hard to say how this cow wound up in the Kiss Army. Maybe they're a fan from back in the day, maybe they're into the newer merchandising efforts. Either way, they're a big fan of Gene Simmons.

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14. A Lannister always takes out the trash.

Reddit | ser1992

"Did I just stumble across Peter Dinklage taking out the trash on Google Earth?!" asks the Redditor who posted this. Despite his noble upbringing, Tyrion Lannister has shown that he's willing to get maybe?

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15. Perfect timing.

Reddit | ShishkaDrummer

Anyone who's ever played baseball has probably experienced both swinging and missing and getting hit right in a sensitive area at some point in time. Usually these things don't happen at the exact same time, though.

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16. Tony Hawk's Illicit Skater.

Reddit | Rclix8

This skateboarding ramp looks like it's hidden away, and it totally is. That's because it was built when skateboarding was, somehow, illegal in Norway. It was made legal in 1989, and skateparks no longer have to hide out in the woods.

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17. Okay?

Reddit | CatfishCallihan

I get it. Funeral homes and cemetaries need to drum up business somehow. I also get the pun here. That said, has anyone ever been fired up about getting someone cremated?

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18. If you can't laugh, you'll cry.

Reddit | regular_rhino

This proud Iowa grad decked out her cap in Iowa Hawkeyes colors, along with a message that conveys, with depressing bluntness, just how much that four-year education cost her.

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19. Custom drinks gone wrong.

Reddit | OyeSimpson

At Starbucks, customers are encouraged to tweak and customize drinks to their heart's content. This seems like a forward-thinking, customer-first mentality...until you see that the system invariably leads to abominations like this.

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20. Safety game on point.

Reddit | kaaliyuga

Sure, he's standing on top of a pole that towers, like, a million feet above street level. But he's wearing solid work boots, work gloves and — most important of all — a hardhat. I can't see how anything bad could happen.

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