14+ People Who Decided To Express Themselves Their Own Way

Dan 15 May 2019

As kids, we're told we can be anything we want to be. We're encouraged to express ourselves uniquely. Then, with the onset of adulthood, we're all expected to conform. Fortunately, some people are still expressing themselves on their own terms.

1. Jurassic Guard.

Reddit | JonWithGames

Normally I'd think that this t-rex/crossing guard (complete with high-vis vest!) was doing it for fun. But given his slouched posture and resigned expression, I'm thinking he might have lost a bet.

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2. Easy!

Reddit | bilal-282

If you shy away from crossword puzzles because of all the words and vocabulary stuff, just know that there's an easier way. This way almost seems too easy, really.

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3. So proper.

Reddit | ChopsMagee

The URL peaking out in the corner confirms that this note is British, but you can already tell that from the wording. No other culture has mastered polite passive aggressive notes quite like Britons.

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4. For shy eaters.

Reddit | rightcoastguy

Are you ever self-conscious about how you look when you're housing a plate of Buffalo wings? Say goodbye to that anxiety with the Cuisine Curtain, a privacy shield for your face.

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5. You're probably wondering why I gathered you here today.

Reddit | personathethird

Sometimes you see somebody riding in the back of a pickup, or even in a trailer being towed behind. Rarely are they so calm, chill and Bond villain-esque in their body language.

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6. What really matters.

Reddit | Startregen

Any cat lover has been there: the situation calls for some kind of interaction with a fellow human — up to and including a hug — but there's a cat who absolutely needs some attention at the same time.

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7. Incognito.

Reddit | Pablo-Escocarr

You know, despite all of the drama that may happen on-screen, sometimes a guy just needs to unwind, head to the theater and catch up on the happenings in the Marvel universe. Let him be.

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8. Gross.

Reddit | ohineedascreenname

The Redditor who posted this said her daughter wanted to be in the pic with them. The twist, which you may have already guessed, is that the daughter had no idea they were going to — ugh — kiss.

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9. Now that's what I call passive aggression.

Reddit | bearfoxmousemushroom

We've all had quarrels with our significant others, and many of us have utilized passive aggressive tactics. This one, though, is new to me. Only making your side of the bed is the definition of pettiness.

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10. The roads are just a little bit safer today.

Reddit | swankyhigh

We don't know where he's coming from and we don't know where he's going. All we can do is salute him during this brief interaction, and give thanks that he's patrolling America's interstate highway system.

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11. Thanks?

Reddit | StrBr

It might seem a little grim, but when you really think about it, this sign conveys way more information than one reading "Way to go!" or whatever. Still, not sure if the costume is necessary.

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12. A running clock is a good clock.

Reddit | iwannaknowwhoami

While we're talking marathons, we'd be remiss in not mentioning the fact that Big Ben himself left his usual position to take part in a race. I can't imagine he did well, but it's the effort that counts.

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13. Special delivery.

Reddit | deadleaf_shrimp

If you're a delivery driver that gets photographed every time you deliver to a building, what do you do? There are lots of options, but clearly the best is the one favored by the guy seen above.

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14. Work smarter, not harder.

Reddit | personathethird

It looks a little odd, but this humble shepherd may have just revolutionized shepherding. Who needs pens, or even herding dogs, when you've got an improvised cage made of rusty metal?

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15. One of these things is not like the other.

Reddit | Naweezy

Every attendee at a costume party should feel like they can choose any costume they want. Yes, this even extends to Disney princess parties. I'm not sure which princess we're looking at here, but it looks like a tough one.

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16. You do you.

Reddit | whitedw

I don't think the title Hellboy is offensive. But clearly the person who made this sign did, and it's entirely their prerogative to title things how they want. Shouldn't a movie called 'Heckboy' be rated G, though?

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17. Happy anniversary!

Reddit | Chippallion

This customized wallet was a nice idea for an anniversary present. The inscriber got the date down just fine, but might have fallen down a bit on the rest of the request.

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18. Those smooth, smooth legs.

Reddit | CottonStig

This was titled, "When my girlfriend is excited about how smooth her legs are," by the Redditor who posted it. It's a weird way to appreciate smooth legs, but it's her way, darn it.

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19. I'm having trouble with the radar, sir.

Reddit | JackSupern0va

A Redditor spotted this awesome Spaceballs-themed pickup truck on the highway. It's a good movie and most comedy fans probably like it just fine — but not many are willing to plaster it all over their vehicle.

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20. Tough but fair.

Reddit | yarm0

Ultimately, it is the prof's job to pass or fail students, and also to determine what criteria constitutes a pass or fail. Reporting students to ISIS, on the other hand, might fall a bit outside of a prof's responsibilities.

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