12+ People Who Are Likely The Best Friend Anyone Could Have

We have friends, and then we have one friend who's the gold medalist of friends. You know, that one who walks into your house like they live there? The one you can call at any time of day or night and they'll be right there, no matter what?

Those kinds of friends are rare, and when you find one, you've gotta fight to keep them.

These BFF's didn't just go the extra mile—they went the whole damn marathon to prove just how loyal they are.

Till Death Do Us Part

Nothing hurts quite like the moment in which your best friend enters a romantic relationship.

You could prove your worth through small gestures, or, you could hold a legitimate funeral for your bro. That's some dedication.

Oh Snap

Here are some facts: If your friend likes a boy, you will pull every trick in every book in the entire universe just to ensure that she ends up with him. You are the fairy godmother; the ultimate matchmaker; the genie in a bottle. No method of attention-seeking is too bizarre.

Lighting Crew

Best friends = your personal paparazzi. I'm sorry, I don't make the rules.

You Meme A lot To Me

Love notes are cancelled. Sending your loved ones memes is the the ultimate form of affection.

The One Who Wears The Pants

If your friend won't take their pants off for you, are you even friends?

Self Promo

Now this girl will have a permanent reminder of her first priority.


If I say that my best friend is my sister, she's my damn sister. End of story.

Just Like Mama Used To Make

Be honest— you would never go to these lengths for your significant other.

Life Imitates Art

Friends don't just throw you a regular party—friends throw you a mother trucking Bob Ross party.

Salt Mama

Sugar Mamas are old news— get yourself a Salt Mama best friend.

But Are They Wheelies?

I'll let you in on a little secret: matching clothes with your best friend never gets any less exciting.

Stairway To Heaven

No act is too dangerous if it's in the best interest of your best friend. Nothing.

An Apple A Day

This is some Oprah sh*t right here. I can't relate.

Mrs. Clause

A best friend's birthday needs to be extravagant AF. It needs to be crazier than Christmas, crazier than their parents presents, crazier than anything that has ever been done before.

Sell Your Soul

This is so darn cute holy crap.

I see your best friend yard sale and raise you a best friend Go Fund Me?


Twitter | @markie325

Wedding anniversaries? Unimportant under the shadow of a Snap Chat streak anniversary with your true soulmate. Here's to many more!

Sports Illustrated Who?

Beach days are never just about relaxation. They're an opportunity to snap exactly 1200 pictures at different angles to get your best friend the modeling contract you know they deserve.

Angle Angels

If you can only take one thing away from this article, take this: as a friend, it is your DUTY to ensure that your bestie has a new profile picture worthy pic every time you hang out.

Set Designer

Twitter | @nicolewatkinss_

You'll die before you let your best friend get in any sort of trouble. If you've got to create an entirely convincing movie scene to prove their innocence, so be it.

Go The Distance

Reddit | berrynice

This guy drove 50 miles to bring his best friend the bowl of cereal he was craving.

Sure, it was probably soggy by then, but it's the thought that counts.