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Teen Makes His Prom Date's Cinderella Dream Dress From Scratch

Just when you thought the world was going downhill, here's a feel-good story that's really worth raving about. A high school junior decided to make his prom date's dress when he found out she couldn't afford one she fell in love with.

Have you ever heard of anything sweeter than this? Wow, I haven't. So let's check out how this cute story came to be.

Parker Smith is a junior at Pendleton Heights High School in Indiana.

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His date, Addi Rust, a senior at the same school wanted a special dress for her prom.

But unfortunately, her dream dress was out of her price range.

So, she jokingly said to Parker, "Why don't you just make my prom dress?"

Afterward, Parker actually thought that it was a great idea and he embarked on a quest to make his date's prom dress after all.

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Even though he'd never used a sewing machine before, he was up for the challenge.

Parker even sketched out the dress himself and set out to make it completely from scratch.

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Even though he actually never made a garment before. Holy crap! That's so impressive.

Even though it took Parker months to complete, he taught himself how to make a dress with a little help from his grandma.

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Ohhh, isn't this just the sweetest thing?

That boy is a keeper.

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Wow, and here I'm sitting thinking all I want from my mate is some flowers once in awhile and this boy does this.

His grateful date saw the dress at each stage of the making process but when she saw the final version she started tearing up.

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Well, wouldn't you? I would.

OMG, I just don't have the words to describe how I feel seeing this.

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And they say there aren't any gentlemen left in this world. She really found a prince.

Wow, this story just made my day. Usually, we hear so many horror stories when it comes to teenagers that this story is just the nicest thing I've heard lately.

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And Addi looked like a true princess!

Here's Addi's reaction to the awesome dress Parker made for her.

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I think any girl would be so lucky to have a friend like this in their life. Total gem.

Considering what an amazing job Parker did with this gesture, it isn't a surprise to see all the positive praise he's been getting online with messages like this.

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This is great! Go, Parker!

And here's another great message he received on Twitter.

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It's so amazing to see some positivity on social media as it can be such a toxic place for teens sometimes.

Even though this was Parker's first design and first dress he's made, he says it won't be his last.

He's planning to study costume design and musical theater in college. Awesome!