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15+ People Who Seriously Need A Lucky Break Right Now

mason.zimmer 14 May 2019

We all have runs of bad luck from time to time, but some people just seem to be cursed. It's not so much a matter of Murphy's Law because that usually covers what people could at least imagine going wrong.

Instead, even those who witness it aren't sure exactly what happened, but the point is that it came out of nowhere and suddenly turned their day into a bad one. And in these cases, it's not even like we can blame them. Things just happen and those things apparently have a favorite target.

Today, we're going to meet some of them.

1. Ordering this cake was obviously a big struggle, but it seems like this uphill battle still ended with a loss.

Reddit | keegan677

Although the unfortunate customer got their chocolate cake with white icing, they presumably wanted "happy birthday" for something written on it instead of their laments.

As the icing on the cake (heh), the decorator wrote "with" twice.

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2. This sucks so bad that it's kind of my go-to as a comparison for other unfortunate events.

Reddit | PrivateTumbleweed

This one definitely hurt because that's about as many sprinkles as I'd want to put in my ice cream as well.

On the plus side, he apparently got another one.

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3. This one gets even more maddening once you learn how this glass broke.

Reddit | bennyS-

According to the uploader, they had specifically bought this cup because it was made to hold hot coffee. However, once they poured some in, the bottom fell out and it spilled everywhere.

If you messed up at work today, just remember that you're probably better at your job than this cup.

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4. It sort of looks like this person's drain is haunted, but they might actually prefer that to what's really going on.

Reddit | cmgonz

It turns out that's the head of their toothbrush, which shot right down the drain once they dropped it. Getting a new toothbrush is now the least of their worries.

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5. There's a lot wrong with how this delivery went.

Reddit | Baba_Yayga

For one thing, as their note said, this person didn't want to include the prices because they meant to ship this as a gift.

For another, the fact that we're seeing it means the company delivered it back to them rather than who they intended to send it to. This was a time-sensitive gift, too.

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6. Somehow, this car managed to be completely destroyed in a way that didn't affect any of the others.

Reddit | Maximus125

I can certainly understand if you're wondering how this happened. Apparently, a water pipe failure opened some kind of sinkhole and swallowed just this car up.

It was apparently abandoned, but the question is whether that happened before or after it was submerged.

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7. Sadly, this person's day didn't get any better once their target read the sign.

Reddit | dudeswednesday

Not only did they not have the decency to buy them a pint as requested, but they didn't even send a text. As security told the uploader, they just took their bike and rode away like nothing had happened.

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8. This building has its name written in Braille underneath, but that's not actually going to be useful to any blind person.

Reddit | Apr3ndiz

Well, any blind person who isn't about 20 feet tall. Somebody really didn't think this one through.

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9. This woman's shoulder injury was bad enough before she was fitted with this cumbersome cast.

Reddit | jabrier

So now she can't wear anything that doesn't unbutton at the side, walk through doors without shuffling to the side, or get a good night's sleep.

The cure almost seems worse than the ailment.

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10. This person doesn't own this passport, so they just witnessed someone else's nightmare scenario.

Reddit | Montefu7

My mom almost forgot hers on a plane along with her purse, but at least she was able to tell airport staff where it was. Whoever left this behind probably has no idea.

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11. This car's owner got into an argument with their girlfriend, who apparently decided this was a good course of action.

Reddit | Terminally_Brittany

So not only did they have a smashed window to deal with, but they also learned they're dating the kind of person who smashes car windows when they get upset.

I can only imagine what the fight was about.

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12. Imagine getting the one little mistake you made on the job immortalized by a geeky toy company.

Reddit | ---oof---

Almost every movie and TV show is loaded with small continuity errors, but the production staff of Game of Thrones were just that lucky, I guess.

I mean, it's not like they made an action figure out of the guy in the cowboy hat who wandered on camera in Pirates of the Caribbean, unfortunately.

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13. I think we can call this the universal "Yup, this is the kind of day I'm having," face.

Reddit | Shark-Farts

Not only is brushing her hair apparently out of the question, but I doubt the work of taking that thing out is going to be too pleasant.

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14. This bread apparently looked fine in the bag, but this person soon learned it was anything but fine.

Reddit | montyfatcat

Unfortunately, they didn't learn that quite soon enough as they had already eaten a slice by the time of this mold discovery.

On the plus side, they also threw up soon after, so maybe this problem took care of itself.

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15. I do not envy whoever has to work the reception desk at this company.

Reddit | Business_Asparagus

I'm just picturing them sitting there and looking very tired next to a sign that says, "Yes, I'm aware that we're a sliding door company with pull doors. I didn't make that decision, please stop pointing it out to me."

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16. The photographer said they asked their mom to stand in this exact spot for a reason.

Reddit | Italian-spy

Of course, that means the poor lady is just innocently standing there with a lovely smile with no knowledge of what she's making the sign say.

Tsk tsk.

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17. This person got these seats for a date, but apparently wasn't given a map to choose them from.

Reddit | Deaty1027

So while the two may get to enjoy their movie in comfort, it'll be at the expense of the very reason why they came here. Way to kill the magic, theater.

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18. Chase here was quite literally the odd man out in his yearbook.

Reddit | Potatoboy513

At the same time, I suppose their decision to throw his picture in the margin means that he stands out now. I probably won't remember anyone else who goes to this school.

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19. Ouch, I hope that lady isn't going to miss this jacket because this guy would have a hard time thinking of ways to wreck it harder.

Reddit | Available_Subject

Never underestimate how much beer is left in a can. That stuff at the bottom has a way of sneaking up at the worst possible time.

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20. This man said he "definitely thought his hand was connected properly," but it seems the wrist had other plans.

Reddit | EatPrayNub

Fortunately, he said in the comments that this is something he was able to fix himself. Otherwise, that would be an awful way to start the day.

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