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Marla The Cat Looks Exactly Like Steve Buscemi And We're Obsessed

People love using the internet to show off their furry felines.

You can literally go to just about any social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and find thousands upon thousands of cats whose owners figured they deserved a spotlight and posted pictures and videos of them everywhere.

If I can be honest, most of those cats are nothing special. But then, buried in the middle of all the cat content out there, are a few who are really and truly amazing.

For instance, meet Gringo.

Instagram | @gringomoustachecat

This handsome fellow has taken the internet by storm and dazzled people everywhere with his fabulous mustache. His Instagram boasts over 25,000 followers, all eager to see as much of this fancy cat as humanly possible.

While people adore Gringo for how handsome he is, we're also drawn to cats who may not be so conventionally cute.

Instagram | @buscemi_cat

Case in point: Marla the cat who the internet agrees bears a striking resemblance to the one and only Steve Buscemi.

Marla's owner, Jen Chavez, discovered the unique feline at a no-kill shelter.

Instagram | @buscemi_cat

"I spotted Marla’s little strange face peeking out of a cat tower," she told Bored Panda. "I was a bit shocked by her appearance but needed to know more.”

It was that curiosity that led Jen to discover the cat had been at the shelter for over two years since she was a two-day-old kitten.

"I knew her little strange face would fit right in with our family.”

Getty Images | Desiree Navarro

Jen said the shelter employees told her that pictures of the curious cat had circulated the internet and people had unanimously decided she looked just like Reservoir Dogs actor Steve Buscemi.

Unsurprisingly, Jen quickly adopted the cat and dubbed her Marla.

Instagram | @buscemi_cat

Now Marla is 5 and happily part of Jen's family. She's also the star of her own Instagram page where Jen regularly posts pictures of the Buscemi look-alike.

Although her perpetually unimpressed face makes it seem otherwise, Marla is actually a very sweet cat.

Instagram | @buscemi_cat

"She is funny, very sweet and playful with the other kitties," Jen said. "She LOVES to eat and enjoys it when my husband sings to her.”

Some fans think Marla bears resemblance to a few other celebrities, too.

Most notably Willem Dafoe and Clint Eastwood. But we think her likeness to Steve Buscemi is reason enough to adore this unique kitty.

Jen said she hopes Marla's story encourages others to take chances on peculiar shelter cats.

Instagram | @buscemi_cat

“They just might change your life,” she said.

h/t: Bored Panda