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9+ Tweets From People Who Have Lost Their Minds Over Netflix's 'Dead To Me'

brittany.rae 10 May 2019

Hi, if you haven't watched Dead to Me, you need to finish reading this article and then go to Netflix immediately.

The show follows widow Jen (Christina Applegate) who accidentally befriends walking enigma Judy (Linda Cardellini) after the two meet at a grief counseling group.

The show involves trauma, twists, turns, sassy teenagers...and murder.

And that's just episode one.

NO Spoilers ahead.

The internet is living for it

It's such an easy watch.

With only 10 episodes, each of which aren't even 40 minutes, this show is scarily digestible.

I'm already dying for the next season...and someone definitely already did. (That's a spoiler with no context, you're welcome.)

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This could be about any episode and be true

The rollercoaster the show takes you on is so thrilling that you legit do not want to get off of it.

I made that facial expression roughly once an episode, tbh.

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The last two minutes of episode one made me yell out loud.

When they revealed the [spoiler] in the [spoiler] and then [spoiler]. Whew! That blew my whole mind, y'all.

(Okay, yeah, I saw it coming, but it was still so awesome.)

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This is me

Twitter | @stanaticsoldier

Christina Applegate's Jen is everything that a complex, messy female character should be.

She's at times abrasive, and at all times explosive. But she is always incredible, and ultimately so likeable and relatable that it hurts.

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Shower her in awards

The attention to detail the show demonstrates is crazy.

It feels so effortless, too. The line deliveries get to be organic, and more natural than anything I've ever seen.

And you get to hear Christina Applegate swear a lot, so like...bonus.

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Their chemistry is off the charts

The way that Judy and Jen fall into an easy, intimate friendship is 100% down to how good these two actresses are together.

I fully believe that Judy wants and needs a friend, and Jen thinks she doesn't need anyone — except Judy.

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We cannot forget about Judy, guys

The beauty of Dead to Me is how painful it is to watch Judy try so hard to be a good person.

Never once does she feel like a scammer, or dishonest. She feels like a woman trapped in a situation of her own making, and it sucks.

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I love poetry

Twitter | @ajhmate

When you get so riled up about something on the internet that you create verbal art? Iconic.

There's no describing this scene. You just have to see it to understand how good both of these women are.

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This is a perfect demonstration of how friggin' funny the show is

Just when you're ready to sink into your feelings, or roll your eyes at something...the show yanks you right out and makes you laugh.

Christina Applegate's facial expressions, by the way? Untouchable.

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This coping mechanism never occurred to me

Mostly because I crank, like, RuPaul in my car and yell-sing that as I drive.

Still, Jen's proclivity to do things exactly the way she wants is inspiring, and freeing.

The next time someone makes me angry, I will definitely take a golf club to their car.

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It's had a big impact on women

I personally felt this while watching — there was a care and attention to the emotions both women display that I had rarely seen before.

Jen and Judy feel so real, and that's likely down to the mostly female creative team behind the show.

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This line is everything

Twitter | @shylawhittney

This is deifnitely how you'd convince your friend that her son needs to join your Christian dance troupe, right?

The deadpan way that it's delivered is the definition of iconic, okay?

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Okay, some points were made

Not only is this true, but I'm pretending that it's fully real.

While Grace and Frankie is delightful, sometimes you need a murder mystery on the side of your show about complex women.

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Yeah, the last episode will do that to you

If the show is a rollercoaster, the last episode is the last drop:

It builds, and builds, and builds, and then you plummet straight to the Earth and wonder when the ride stopped and when you can get back on.

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Listen, I'm not going to say you should do this...

...but I do recommend bingeing the whole show, like, now.

Right now.


I'll be here, waiting for your reactions and gifs. Bring good memes. Thank you, and happy watching.

Is season 2 out yet?

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