Unsplash | Raphael Lovaski

8+ Times Celebs Dared To Go Makeup-Free

Sometimes we tend to forget that celebrities are just regular people. They wake up in the morning like the rest of us, have breakfast, and go for a run or do errands.

So just remember that the next time you see them all glammed-up because that's not what they really look like on their day-to-day.

Wanna see what I mean? Just check out these pics.

1. Ashley Graham

Instagram | @ashleygraham

Ashley Graham might be the most sought after plus-size model, but when she's not modeling hard she's just the regular girl-next-door.

2. Jennifer Lopez

Instagram | @jlo

J-Lo is the queen of glam and we're so used to her perfect makeup, glamorous costumes, and flawless hair. But she's okay showing us her post-workout selfies, too!

3. Rihanna

Instagram | @badgalriri

Rihanna goes all out when it comes to her stage makeup and that makes perfect sense. But she's also free enough to show us her more real side.

4. Drew Barrymore

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

Drew is one of our favorite childhood stars that has blossomed into a beautiful and fearless power woman in Hollywood. But she's also super down-to-earth which is why we love her!

5. Tyra Banks

Instagram | @tyrabanks

We're used to seeing Tyra Banks be so outspoken on America's Next Model that it's no surprise she's super fly showing us her funny side on Instagram.

6. Gigi Hadid

Instagram | @gigihadid

We can see why Gigi Hadid is in such high demand for modeling gigs 'cause the girl is flawless. Even without makeup, her beauty shines through.

7. Sofia Vergara

Instagram | @sofiavergara

It's cool to see that Sofia doesn't take herself too seriously, and even when she's sick, she still has a sense of humor when posting this pic.

8. Carrie Underwood

Instagram | @carrieunderwood

It's pretty amazing what makeup can do to transform a person. Just look at Carrie Underwood's workout picture vs. her album cover. In one, she's fresh-faced, and in the other, she's glam!

9. Adele

Instagram | @adele

Adele is the perfect example of a girl who's just like us. I mean, in case you've forgotten she got plucked from obscurity not that long ago and now she's a superstar!

10. Gina Rodriguez

Instagram | @hereisgina

Gina Rodriguez cleans up really well for TV but in real life, she's not shy to show us why we love her regular self anyway.

11. Katie Holmes

Instagram | @katieholmes212

Katie Holmes is looking more and more like a timeless screen goddess, but even without makeup, she's so carefree and gorgeous. No wonder we dig her.

12. Shakira

Instagram | @shakira

This Colombian beauty is always a mover and a shaker, but whether she wears makeup or not, she still lets her fierce spirit come through every day.

13. Lady Gaga

Instagram | @ladygaga

Lady Gaga is such an unbelievable chameleon when it comes to all her stunning looks. But I think I still love her just the way she is.

14. Kesha

Instagram | @isswhoiss

Kesha loves wearing bold and glittery makeup, but when she goes au natural, you may be surprised to learn that Kesha has freckles. She looks beautiful either way!

This is exactly why I'm absolutely over wearing heavy makeup every day.

After all, it's cool to feel good in your own skin and not just hide behind all that stuff.