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Twitter Is Seriously Creeped Out By The Kardashian Wax Figures

elizabethdspina 10 May 2019

Let's be honest.

You know you have too much money when you start having wax figures of yourself made for absolutely no reason. That is the very definition of success.

Right? Right???

It has to be some sort of celebrity rite of passage when people start making wax figures of yourself.

Instagram | @khloekardashian

One that I'm kind of jealous of, tbh.

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Kim has not one, but two, wax figured of herself in Madame Tussauds wax museums.

Getty Images | Shivam Saxena

While this one is certainly close to being spot-on, it hasn't crossed the line of being creepily lifelike.

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Kendall got one in 2016.

Getty Images | Jeff Spicer

Again, this one is accurate, no doubt. But we can still easily tell which one is the real Kendall and which one is the wax figure version of her.

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Kylie got one in 2017.

Getty Images | Vivien Killilea

Over the years, these wax figures have just gotten more and more scarily identical to their subjects.

Practice makes perfect, amirite?

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And just last year, Khloe got one that looks so lifelike, we can hardly tell them apart.

Like? How?

For all I know, this could be the real Khloé Kardashian.

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So, up until now there have just been two key players in the Kardashian family that haven't had a wax figure made of themselves.

Giphy | KUWTK

For a while, we thought they just didn't want one.

But we were wrong.

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Yesterday Kris unveiled her and Kourtney's wax figures and the resemblance is uncanny.

Instagram | @krisjenner

I don't know if I should be impressed with the artist who made them or creeped out by how accurately they resemble the real-life Kris and Kourtney.

Most people are going with the latter.

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If I didn't know any better, I'd think this was actually Kourtney.

Instagram | @krisjenner

I would walk up to this wax figure and strike up a conversation — ask it for an autograph, try and give it a hug maybe?

Only to realize that I had been speaking to a cold, hard, inanimate version of Kourtney — embarrassing myself in front of any innocent bystanders.

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This literally looks like Kris standing next to Kris. It's very confusing.

Instagram | @krisjenner

The longer I stare at this, the more confused and scared I feel.

Who. Is. Who?!

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Anyway, as I said, fans think the whole thing is very creepy.

We're pretty much all in agreement that this has crossed the fine line from artistic and impressive to absolutely terrifying.

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Some fans think that the wax figured look more realistic than the people themselves.

This person simultaneously complimented the artist while throwing serious shade at Kourtney and Kris.

That's tea.

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This fan called it "creepy af" because they really couldn't tell them apart.

This seems to be the ongoing consensus.

We're all feeling pretty conflicted over this, emotionally.

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This person dragged Kris and Kourtney for their resemblance to their wax figures.

Twitter | @MegRJohn

They suggested that the reason their wax figures look so much like them is because they are so "wax-like" in real life.

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Some fans are more impressed than they are creeped out.

This person tweeted how amazed they are that they couldn't tell the real Kris Jenner apart from the wax one.

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This face just about sums up my reaction to Kris and Kourtney's wax figures.

The Cut

Let us know if you're impressed or creeped out (or both) at how shockingly lifelike their wax figures look.

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