There’s One 'Cheeky' Detail About Captain America That Fans Can’t Stop Talking About

Warning! Avengers: Endgame spoilers below!

Thankfully for Captain America fans, Steve Rogers finally got the screen time he so deserved, after barely having any in Infinity War.

He had a very important development in Endgame that is the topic of many discussions within the MCU fandom right now.

Steve Rogers is all fans can talk about.

Avengers: Endgame really brought the Captain into the spotlight, looking into the trauma and sadness he was faced with.

But there's one detail about him in the movie that nearly broke the internet.

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It all started with Brie Larson.

YouTube | MTV News

They were playing a 'Name that Avenger' game, and when presented with a picture of a buttocks, Brie immediately knew it was Evans.

She also got really excited about it.

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She wanted the internet to keep her secret.

Twitter | @mycoveriscas

She begged the internet and MTV News to cut that part out but, obviously, they didn't.

So we kind of have to wonder how it was for Evans and Larson to meet again on the Endgame carpet.

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Turns out, that moment foreshadowed 'Endgame'.

Twitter | @sentinelofhope

When Steve, Tony, and Scott go back into the past, Tony is watching past Steve walk away, and tells him, "That suit did nothing for your ass."

Scott Lang, who is a Captain America fanboy, responds, "That's America's ass."

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Steve Rogers: America's Ass.

Tumblr | quantumavengers

As it turned out, Steve agreed with Scott. Once he finished battling himself, he took a good long look at his past self's body.

He confirmed Scott's words with a satisfied, "That is America's ass."

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Let the meme games begin!

Naturally, Twitter had to immediately get on that.

While fans certainly had their hilarious memes and freakouts, this amazing fake movie poster from @BossLogic probably takes the cake.

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Yes, we're pretty sure that's exactly what his DNA looks like.

Captain America is a lot of things. He's a well-rounded patriot, he's a superhero, and he's worthy of the power of Thor.

But that super soldier serum sure did wonders to his DNA.

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We salute you Captain!

Avengers: Endgame was a lot of things. It was heartbreaking, powerful, and had some of the best fight scenes ever.

But, Captain America's ass will definitely be going down in history.

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