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15+ Picky People Who Had A Whole Lot Of Nerve

Ever heard the phrase "beggars can't be choosers"?

Sometimes people don't recognize when they've got it good, or they're a little too picky in terms of their expectations.

If you think you deserve the same treatment as the Queen of England, you might want to keep it to yourself.

More Savage Than Cersei Lannister

Reddit | 98095

News Flash: If you're dumping someone, you don't get to keep their HBO subscription.

The North remembers.

Help Sort Of Wanted

Reddit | mojijim

So, you're looking for an alien construction crew without any capability of experiencing human error? Can space ships get flat tires?

Ah, Capitalism

Twitter | @J_Bloodworth

[John Mulaney Voice]

"Well, we don't have time to unpack ALL of that."

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Reddit | muserwithafuser

A guilt trip generally isn't a great addition to any transaction. Any interaction, really.


Twitter | @will_ant

Either of these people could be the picky ones. On one hand, it's customary in a lot of restaurants to tip at least 15%. On the other, any extra money kind of is a tip?

No It's Red

Reddit | goldbro

Damn, that's one expensive red riding mower.

Just wait my man, I'm sure he'll take the offer.

Be Like Terry

Reddit | 578690884

When something is free, you don't get to complain about what it is. Just...just don't take it? Or buy a different one? With money?

You Couldn't Pay Me To Clean That

Reddit | unsower35

This woman was looking for someone to clean a rental home she owned, and offered to pay $150 for the entire job with a possible of more work later.

Sure, I love being underpaid.

Ice Ice Baby

Reddit | joko239

When your friend buys you dinner, it's likely not a good move to complain that they only bought you water to drink instead of pop.

Again, if you'd like something different, feel free to buy your own!

Sweeten The Pot


The World's Tiniest Violin

Reddit | lolly129

Don't you know? She's trying to start a violin collection, so an entire group of violinists can play sad songs when things don't go her way!

Well That Escalated Quickly


If you'd ever like to see the true quality of a human being, say no to them. Watch how they react. Take note.


Reddit | jupjup

If this is how expensive having friends is, friends are cancelled. I can't afford them.

Well She IS Sorry

Reddit | roupt45809

Can I steal your intellectual and creative property? WHAT? How dare you say NO?

Boring Old Water

Reddit | 35670912_795

This person could've taken it one step further and just created one of those restaurant menus with the boxes to check off.



What a coincidence, all I really want is someone with realistic standards.

Picky Penny

Reddit | purplegain

More free things, more people who want other things than the free things.

Just A Light Spill

Reddit | tommytam

This person put up an ad offering $5 to anyone who could clean her car.

First of all...$5?

Second of all...I have so many questions about what takes place in that vehicle...

It's An Honor For You

Reddit | [deleted]

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for artists to be asked to do company artwork for free exposure.

This artist should feel so honored to do free work for this unheard of brand.

Sit Down, Be Humble

Reddit | BlissfulCanine

Most people who get their nails know that $30 for fake nails and paint is a very reasonable price.

The only person here who needs to be humble is the sender. Yeesh!

You Ruined Christmas

Reddit | Vindictive_Barista

I can't believe this person wouldn't take the free jewelry offer to make up for the $400 difference of an already reasonably priced discount...

This Tattoo Shop Is The Real MVP

Reddit | Hitmann99923

This sign is so true.

I don't understand people who try to barter at places when they know they can get something cheaper elsewhere.

Korean BBQ Or Bust

Reddit | plaid-knight

We have all had weird and awkward Tinder conversation experiences, and this exchange is no exception.

Unfortunately for her, her Tinder date tactic isn't working on this guy.

I Need A Ride...But Not From You

Reddit | crookedlizzie

I love that this matters to this person who supposedly needs a ride so bad.

As if they really wouldn't take a ride based on what someone looks like. So wild.

How Dare This Landlord

Reddit | NibbatoPrime

This person really rated this rental company one star because they would not negotiate rent.

The human race can really be amazing in the worst ways.

Craving YouTube Comment Fame

Reddit | BulGAYrian1

I'm going to take a wild guess here, but I bet your comment was not pinned after your edit.

Just a guess.

Is 63 Footlong Subs in 60 Minutes Really Too Much To Ask?

Reddit | kusemek

If you work or have previously worked in customer service, just take a deep breath here. I stand in solidarity with your frustration.

Two Dollars Isn't Cheap Enough

Reddit | alliwanabeiselchapo

At this rate, the seller is going to have to give the buyer money for simply buying whatever the item is.

God Bless!

Reddit | joneses

Now THAT'S a man who knows what he wants. Don't waste his time folks!

Dinner Is Served With A Hefty Side Of Ungrateful Husband

Reddit | TheMightyWizardKing

How dare she use two different kinds of pasta in one dish that ultimately taste the exact same?!

This Air BnB Specializes in Reverse Psychology

Reddit | Lachesis92

Did you even know tipping was a thing for Air BnB hosts? Me neither, and it definitely isn't.

But I appreciate their hustle.

Diamonds Aren't A Girl's Best Friend

Reddit | jeremyblade

A woman found an engagement ring on her boyfriends nightstand, so naturally, she posted a picture of it to Facebook and complained about how she didn't like the style.

Is it safe to say that she isn't engaged right now?

How Dare He Give Her What She Asked For

Reddit | ST00PKlD

Let it out, girl.

But next time, ask what you want for. Seriously. Valentine's Day isn't a game.

When Free Just Doesn't Cut It

Reddit | smell_my_mule

A free keyboard in prime condition just isn't enough for this person.

I bet even delivering wouldn't be enough. I wonder what else they would ask for.

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