16+ Times Nature Flexed In The Weirdest Ways

Dan 9 May 2019

Humans are doing a lot to hurt nature. But ultimately, we're really just hurting ourselves. The natural world is amazingly resilient. We may go extinct and take a few species with us, but nature will always be dominant. Here's why.

1. It's staring into my soul.

Reddit | The-Grand-Wazoo

Apparently this horrifying bird is a harpy eagle, though I could have sworn it was the Night King. These eagles are native to South and Central America and have a wingspan of up to seven feet.

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2. Don't talk to me or my son ever again.

Reddit | infographics-bish

If this isn't the image of motherly ferocity, I don't know what is. I love how the cub clings to mom's legs as she snarls at whatever unfortunate adversary intruded on them.

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3. Did you bring enough for the rest of the class?

Reddit | to_the_tenth_power

Some birds just like to hunt for one or two fish at a time. The puffin sees these measly totals and hunts, like, two dozen at once, just to prove a point.

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4. Nice cliff.

Reddit | rgaywala

Okay, I lied, it isn't really about the cliff. It's about the snow leopard's unbelievable camouflage. I'm not even going to tell you where it is, but it's definitely there.

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5. Don't mess with this bear in particular.

Reddit | Ainsley-Sorsby

Yeah, don't mess with bears in general. But this particular bear in Banff National Park has survived getting hit by a train and straight-up eats smaller black bears. I think he's officially the king of nature.

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6. Clash of titans.

Reddit | ShtickCheney

Red fox versus golden eagle: who ya got? In this case, a still image is better than a video. It looks absolutely epic, and it's almost better not knowing which animal won.

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7. I didn't know shrimp did that.

Reddit | 2imtuan

The shrimp are long dead, but what's remarkable is the fact that these tiny, industrious little ants are lugging the heavy carcasses up a vertical post. It's incredible teamwork.

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8. Survival of the fittest.

Reddit | tw272727

The African armored ground cricket is a pretty ferocious sight, with its spiked shell and freaky limbs. If you think it was preying on a weaker bug, it was actually fighting a separate African armored ground cricket.

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9. This rooster's seen some things.

Reddit | Lilium_carniolicum

At first, it looks like a statue. Then you realize it's a living, breathing rooster — one with iridescent tail feathers and a lustrous black body. Don't mess with goth rooster.

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10. Don't mess with this lizard.

Reddit | MagalaDraws

It might not be that big, but the horned lizard is intimidating as anything thanks to the fact that it literally shoots blood out of its eyes when it's intimidated.

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11. But I thought caterpillars were supposed to be cute.

Reddit | Pardusco

Apparently the Citheronia phoronea caterpillar didn't get the memo. What creeps me out here is that the knowledge that this thing will morph into a moth...undoubtedly one that's terrifying as heck.

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12. I also thought otters were supposed to be cute...

Reddit | h11584

Actually, this otter somehow remains cute, even as it feasts on the entrails of its downed foe. Considering the fact that said foe is a crocodile, I have newfound respect for otters.

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13. Two guns and a six pack.

Reddit | [deleted]

I've always thought belugas were the big fat chonkers of the sea. But then I saw this pic of an unusually ripped beluga. If other belugas are fat, what's this guy's secret?

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14. Is that an omen?

Reddit | dazedhoney

It looks ominous and its name — Blood Falls — certainly sounds ominous, but this badass sight just shows nature's handiwork: the water flowing down the ice is so rich in iron, it rusts when it meets the air.

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15. Good parenting.

Reddit | eternalrefuge86

If you're a scorpion and you want to keep your (many) kids safe, here's the best option: simply gather them on your back, with your poisonous stinger standing guard overhead.

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16. All we are is dust in the wind.

Reddit | critterspitter

...or frogs in a pond, as it were. Tadpoles need to eat something, and if they're presented with a bounty, they're going to eat it — even if it is the corpse of their older sibling.

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17. Adaptability.

Reddit | geek_fest

We're looking at a starfish that looks, well, pretty square due to a birth defect. It begs the question: if a starfish is a square and not a star, is it really a starfish at all?

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18. Shelter from the storm.

Reddit | to_the_tenth_power

Animals don't really care about where they get the necessities for life, so long as they've got them. Here, a deer died a long time ago — but its skeletal ribcage serves as a bird's shelter.

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19. Nope.

Reddit | smm97

It turns out a volcanic eruption can do some pretty weird stuff when combined with a thunderstorm. Is it beautiful or is it apocalyptic? It all comes down to the eye of the beholder.

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20. Spring has sprung.

Reddit | George319

I guess turtles don't leave themselves much elbow room when they hibernate underground. They also apparently don't worry too much about having a mountain of earth on their back when they emerge in the spring.

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