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20+ Design Fails That Are As Funny As They Are Unlucky

Kasia M 8 May 2019

We often admire things that are brilliantly designed, especially when they also serve a great purpose. I mean, that's genius, right? But what happens when a seemingly good idea goes south?

Well, let's take a look at these designs that may have seemed like a solid idea only to take a wrong turn somewhere. But, hey, at least these are good for a laugh.

1. Optical Illusion Of Horror

Imgur | GolfBravo

These would be a challenge for me even if they were straight, but this is an accident waiting to happen, so whoever designed this better lawyer-up!

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2. An Architectural Nightmare

Reddit | Peeped

Speaking of dangerous steps, whoever designed this should never work again. At least that's my humble opinion. Would you have fun using these awkwardly placed steps?

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3. A Product Confusion

Reddit | Silvar1

Last time I checked, hand wash wasn't meant to be digested, right? So why in the world would they describe it as mouthwatering? Beats me.

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4. No Privacy

Reddit | ani625

Maybe it's just me but I still want privacy when going to the loo. This, on the other hand, takes the term, "peeping Tom" to the next level.

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5. Unique Feature


So, I thought we all knew what made giraffes so special. I mean, it isn't their long arms. Someone clearly never seen one or read Wikipedia.

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6. Daredevil Ramp

Reddit | OlivierDeCarglass

So happy to see more places becoming wheelchair accessible, but unless you want to end up face-planted on the wall, this one has got to go.

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7. A Bridge To Nowhere

Reddit | silence_hr

You shouldn't really blame the contractors if someone forgot to tell them the bridge is actually supposed to go over the pool, right?

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8. Safety First

Reddit | ani625

This is why you should never send your kid to the playground alone, ever. Unless they have really fast reflexes, this will most definitely hurt a lot.

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9. Curious Placing

Reddit | PaulSharke

You'd think whoever was in charge of placing this bench would have realized it needs to be moved away from the stream, but they did put it here anyway.

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10. Camo Fail

Reddit | Thedaveabides98

I love everything camouflage, but why would anyone think this was the perfect design for a ball? What happens when it gets lost in the grass?

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11. Directionally Challenged

Reddit | MeatballPeanuts

Someone forgot all those jingles they learned as a kid to help them with directions. Isn't it supposed to be Never Eat Shredded Wheat? Back to school!

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12. Fun House Mirrors

Reddit | Beanboy100

I think somebody spent too much time installing mirrors in a funhouse setting 'cause they clearly forgot that a bathroom mirror is supposed to serve a purpose.

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13. Two Right Feet

Reddit | Dylpooh

Ohh, these would have been the cutest tights if only it wasn't for one little problem. They appear to have two right feet. Oops.

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14. No Assistance Needed

Reddit | stormwarrior12

Imagine if you found yourself in a sticky situation and actually needed some assistance. No such luck here. I'm afraid you're on your own.

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15. Tasty Treats

Reddit | luckyluke07

I'm not sure if I should be so bold to ask ... but what are ass worms anyway? Dare I ask, why would you want exotic ones?

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16. A Trip To Nowhere

Reddit | dylangleit

I often have dreams where I'm running down the stairs being chased by someone but this would be the ultimate nightmare. There's no escape here!

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17. A Simple Solution

Reddit | vvribeiro

Sometimes we can't see a simple solution even if it's staring us in the face. Why not just move the clock three inches to the right?

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18. A Bad Seller

Reddit | R005T3RK1NG

Sometimes you just know a good seller from a bad seller. At least they had the right idea putting these super useful black Post-It notes on sale.

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19. Water Saver?

Reddit | LeyendaV

This might explain why there's so much flooding going everywhere. If all the drains are designed like this, then that could be the root of the problem.

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20. A Slam Dunk

Reddit | ezdridgex

Talk about playing with fire here. Whoever placed this basketball net is either super confident or looking for revenge. I feel sorry for whoever lives there.

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21. A Perfect Message

Reddit | sockmonst3r

I'm sure this all looked great on paper, but someone clearly forgot one simple little detail. I dunno but I think this was an important one.

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22. A Total Paradox

Reddit | Vexced

I'm glad there are now much clearer nutritional information stickers on food but this is either a practical joke or someone went into a sugar coma.

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23. Escalator Fail

Reddit | [deleted]

I'm already paranoid when I have to go down an escalator, but now I'm going to be scared going up one as well. At least he's laughing.

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It's always a good time when someone gets the last laugh.


Am I right? While we're laughing at these stupid designs someone is secretly crying over them. That poor sod.

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