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These Were The Best Twitter Reactions To All Of The Extra AF Met Gala Moments

The met gala is finally here people!

The event that the fashion world eagerly anticipates all year has officially arrived. And that means all of us online will be tuned in to see what Hollywood’s A-listers are wearing for the big night .

Here's a look at some of the best online reactions people had to the extra AF Met Gala pink carpet.

This tweet is definitely all of us right now.

What better time than during the Met Gala for all of us to turn into overnight fashion experts?

You wanna be on top? Impress me—the poor person— in her sweats.

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Lady Gaga being extra AF is a lot of us TBH.

Sometimes you just can't act natural if you tried.

I get it Gaga, you were born to be extra and there's nothing wrong with that!

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Jared Leto's extra head had an uncanny resemblance to another famous person

If you stare at the artificial head that Jared Leto was carrying at the Met Gala just long enough, you'll notice it sort of looks like Russell Brand.

Jared, is there something you're not telling us?

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People had a blast finding everything that Kendall and Kylie reminded them of at the Met.

There was the comparisons to the ugly step sisters from Cinderalla, White Chicks, orange and grape Fantas... The roasting goes on and on.

Who knew these Camp outfits could match up with nearly everything?

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We almost thought this was real!

The wilson sisters from White Chicks would have fit right in at this year's Met Gala.

I almost wish they actually made an appearance.

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Saoirse Ronan and Florence Welch dancing to Cher at the Met Gala

They look like they're having so much fun! Not sure why everyone else seems to be standing still.

Saoirse and Florence definitely look like the girls everyone wants at their party because they eventually get everyone on the dance floor.

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Billy Porter stole the whole damn show.

Just when we thought the queen of extra Lady Gaga would be the one to show out, along came Billy freaking Porter.

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That moment when Katy Perry was being suuuper casual.

Nothing interesting to see over here! Oh, you know, except Katy Perry putting on a glittery burger costume while wearing a lettuce dress.

Meanwhile, JLo seems completely unfazed and walks right past this entire scene as if this is just your average Monday night sighting.

I love it.

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Karlie Kloss was serving up sweetness it seems.

I didn't see it before but now I can't shake the visual of Karlie looking like a walking, talking Ferrero Rocher.

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Another Camp legend was missing from the Met Gala guestlist

Dean was serving up looks at Greendale Community College, okay?!

It's a shame we didn't get the chance to see how he would have styled himself for this.

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Cardi's dress was definitely giving us a 'menstrual' feel.

Ladies, you know exactly what this meme is all about and we've probably all experienced this at least once.

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Everyone's reaction to all the men who showed up in black suits.

Some of you, for example Ryan Murphy, Billy Porter, Jared Leto, y'all killed it.

But the rest of you men who stepped out in boring black tuxedos? Disappointing.

I truly want to believe that you guys simply never got the memo on what the theme was.

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Some more celebs were looking good enough to eat— literally.

All we're missing are some bottomless mimosas and we've got a half decent brunch here.

Now I just need a group photo with Kim, Serena and Katy Perry in her burger outfit and my life is complete.

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All of us preparing to see Rihanna at the Met Gala

There was no sign of Rih Rih yet but we were already prepared for her to snatch all of our wigs when and if she did.

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Then we got distracted by the way Billy Porter slayed us all.

We all thought we'd be deprived of a good red pink carpet experience without Rihanna, but it's all good cause Billy

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That moment when no one understood what the theme was.

A majority of the us definitely had tents, shorts and plaid shirts in mind when we heard the theme was Camp.

One question I have for this tweet, however is, "How did that person get in that porta potty? And why?"

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