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These Chinchillas Are So Round It's Hard To Believe They're Real

Get ready to feast your eyes on the roundest chinchillas you have ever seen. They're like pompom balls come to life but even better because they're chinchillas.

Cameron is a chinchilla breeder from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

Facebook | Cameron's Chinchillas

This definitely is a niche profession to get into, but after seeing these chinchillas, it's easy to want to switch careers.

He mostly breeds violet chinchillas for shows.

Facebook | Cameron's Chinchillas

There are dog people, cat people, and now chinchilla people.

And I can feel myself slowly turning into the latter group.

It's easy to see how they rake in the ribbons and awards with their round bodies.

Facebook | Cameron's Chinchillas

They honestly look like cartoon creatures brought into real life.

If you want to own them like I now do, Cameron does actually have some available for home relocation.

I didn't think chinchillas could get any more perfect, but here we are.

Facebook | Cameron's Chinchillas

They are incredibly symmetrical and their fur looks like it just got a fresh trim, except they just look like that all the time. Amazing.

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Facebook | Cameron's Chinchillas

You won't want to stop browsing through pictures of all of his different chinchillas.

Warning: their cuteness will make you squeal.