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These Selfies Are Proof That The Met Gala Bathrooms Are Always Lit

Whether you're taking a music break at a frat house party or taking a smoke break in a couture gown, everyone knows that bathrooms at parties is are where it's at.

There's just something about striking a pose with your bestie in front of the bathroom sink that makes a party pic that much better.

And even though selfies are banned at the Met gala, celebs just can't resist a good bathroom pic.

Here's why selfies got banned in the first place.

According to Page Six, Anna Wintour and the Metropolitan Museum of Art officially banned guests from using their phones for photos and social media back in 2015.

The reason, a source said, was because, "It has solely to do with guests’ security and enjoyment of the event.”

The year before the ban, Cynthia Rowley snuck a GoPro camera in her purse and filmed part of the festivities including other celebs.

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That hasn't stopped celebs from sneaking and taking epic bathroom pics.

Instagram | @evachen

Last year, Eva Chen posted this star-studded snap to her Instagram of Kim Kardashian-West, Kendall Jenner, SZA and more.

While this photo wasn't taken in the bathroom, it's still a pretty cool photo.

Plus it's kind of rebellious of Eva to just break the no social media rule like that.

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Then there was Kylie Jenner's epic bathroom selfie.

Instagram | @kyliejenner

Her co-ed bathroom pic featured a sack full of celebs including her sisters Kendall and Kim, P Diddy, Frank Ocean, Brie Larson and Slick Woods all squished into one frame.

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Some of the supermodels in attendance decided to take a smoke break.

Twitter | @thelionsny

Models Slick Woods and Adwoa Aboah were caught in this effortlessly cool bathroom flick taken by none other than model Ashley Graham.

Look closely in the reflection and you can see that model Jourdan Dunn is casually walking into the shot.

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Bella Hadid and her friends also joined in on the smoking festivities.

The model was snapped alongside Paris Jackson, Ruby Rose and Lara Stone all chilling in the bathroom for a smoke break.

You know you have money when you aren't bothered by the fact that your expensive AF gown is touching the dirty bathroom floor.

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Was smoking the theme of the Met gala?

It must have been because yet another group of stars were spotted taking selfies while puffing it up in the restrooms.

This time it was 50 Shades of Grey actress Dakota Fanning who was lighting up.

In the second snap, Rita Ora and Rami Malek posed against the sinks while taking a puff.

Hopefully the smoking in the bathroom trend is over now seeing that it's been officially banned from the gala and also because you know, unwanted second-hand smoke?

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Emily Ratajowski was doling out kisses outside of the stalls

Instagram | @prabalgarung

The model/actress planted a friendly smooch on the cheek of designer Prabal Garung in this playful snap.

Studies have proven that casual bathroom selfies are that much cooler if its alongside a beautiful model in a stunning couture gown.

Study participants include me and um, were conducted by me as well.

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Who will be in this year's Met gala bathroom selfies?

My hope is that we can get an epic recreation of Kylie's bathroom selfie with Cardi B, Kim K, Beyonce and Rihanna.

That will probably never happen but hey, we can all dream right?

Who's on your bathroom selfie wish list?

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