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These Side-By-Side Photos Prove the Power Of Makeup Is Real

Kasia M 4 May 2019

Makeup can be a great tool to create a new look, a new perspective on life or give you a huge confidence boost.

When done right, it can transform a person from looking very plain to becoming a shining superstar. And there are times when it becomes a tool to transform someone into almost a different person.

Let's look at some incredible metamorphosis these people went through with the skillful use of makeup.

1. When You Want Flawless Skin

We all have certain imperfections such as acne or redness we want to get rid of. The perfect makeup application can do that easily.

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2. When You Want To Create A Little Drama In Your Life

Sometimes the day-to-day look just won't cut it, it's time to go for a little drama.

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3. When You're Wearing Makeup But It's Not Wearing You

When used right, makeup can enhance your already beautiful natural look just like it did here. Let your beauty shine.

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4. It's All In The Eyes

I'm always amazed at those talented makeup artists who can create a stunning glamorous eye. That's a real skill, people. This is gorgeous.

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5. When You Go From Plain To Wow

Sometimes all you need is to just even out your skin tone a little bit, add mascara and do up those lips.

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6. When It's Your Big Day

Every bride wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day. And this beautiful lady is getting her wish. Look at those amazing eyes.

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7. It's All In The Contour

Here's a little peek into what goes on behind the scenes when creating a true makeup transformation. All that contouring is masterful.

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8. When You Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

Ha ha ha, this lady is surely having the best time with this makeup transformation. The after look is magical.

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9. When You Channel Your Inner Kim K

Wow talking about going to a 10 in a short time. I think even Kim K herself would approve of this.

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10. Show Off Those Baby Blues

Just when you though your beautiful blue eyes were a stand-out on their own they get the royal treatment with makeup like this.

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11. Smile Like Chrissy Teigen

Is it just me or does this transformation resemble Chrissy Teigen with those high cheekbones and that fabulous smile? Whether planned or not, it's stunning.

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12. When You Want To Show Off Your Inner Diva

We all have a little bit of inner diva that's just waiting to come out at the right time. Bingo!

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13. When You Want To Stop Traffic

Wow, talk about becoming a different person. It's hard to believe this is the same lady. Already beautiful but made a showstopper here.

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14. Smooth Out Imperfections

Instagram | @brandondoesmakeup

Makeup can really smooth out skin imperfections and make it look like you've never had acne scarring of any sort.

I love this orange look!

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15. Sometimes Simple Is Better

Instagram | @looksbykatiness

Even the most simple and minimal makeup application can take your look from zero to one hundred, real quick.

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16. When You Want A Bold Yet Subtle Look

Instagram | @mannymua733

It's surprising that by just adding a touch of hot pink, some glam lashes, and a sleek matte wing you can elevate your look so much.

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17. From Beach Bum To Blonde Bombshell

Instagram | @brautstyling

It's not always easy to pick a "my lips but better" lipstick color, but this girl nailed it.

It helps bring some definition to her natural facial features!

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18. Lashes For Days

Instagram | @msmercc

You don't always have to wear a cat wing to bring attention to the eyes. Even just adding a pair of glam ultra long lashes can do the trick just fine.

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19. When You Can Rock Both

Instagram | @jayyroot

This is one heck of a transformation! Not only has she completely gotten rid of her freckles, but she completely reshaped her face by tracing over her eyebrows.

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20. When Glam Is The Way To Go

Instagram | @patrickstarrr

Sometimes, you just have to go all out with a drawn out sharp wing, glossy lip, bold lashes, and some glitter.

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These stunning makeup transformations make me wish I had a makeup artist at my disposal every day so I can look different based on my mood and on the occasion.


The power of makeup is real, people, and these photos prove it!

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