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‘Brazilian Hulk’ Vows To Tear Head Off ‘Iranian Hulk’ In MMA Ring

Sajad Gharibi is no joke.

This insanely massive individual stands at 6'2 and weighs in at 385 pounds, earning him the appropriate title of "The Iranian Hulk" among his many admirers.

He's also been called the "Persian Hercules" but both nicknames essentially amount to the same thing: Sajad is definitely not someone you would ever want to mess with.

The 27-year-old weightlifter has earned a massive following on Instagram.

Instagram | @sajadgharibiofficial

He currently has just over 450,000 followers and that number just keeps growing the more he posts jaw-dropping photos of his hulking frame.

He seems to particularly enjoy stunning his audience with photos that seem physically impossible to achieve, like snaps of him squeezed inside his tiny car.

Instagram | @sajadgharibiofficial

Seriously, how did he even get in there?

While bodybuilding certainly seems like the perfect profession for Sajad, he actually has his sights set elsewhere.

Instagram | @sajadgharibiofficial

Specifically, mixed martial arts.

He recently announced via Instagram that he is ready to make his MMA debut.

Instagram | @sajadgharibiofficial

He even teased that he is accepting his "first professional fight from a Brazilian fighter before 2020."

But who would be crazy enough to step inside the octagon with this guy?

The 'Brazilian Hulk', that's who.

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Brazilian-based weightlifting fanatic Romario Dos Santos Alves has been steadily amassing his own following on Instagram with posts featuring his bulging muscles.

It's not just his humongous muscles that make him the 'Brazilian Hulk.'

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Romario likes to frequently cover his entire body in green paint and don a pair of ripped shorts to truly become his namesake, the Incredible Hulk.

The battle of the Hulks could be happening very soon.

Instagram | @sajadgharibiofficial

According to LADbible, Romario has called out Sajad and challenged him to fight in the MMA ring, even vowing to 'tear his head off.'

But there's a bit of a size disparity between these two Hulks.

Romario may have serious muscles, but he isn't nearly as big as Sajad.

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Sure, the 'Brazilian Hulk' is huge. We've all seen those biceps and pecs (and his equally large shoulder muscles). But while we would never personally challenge him to a fight, we think he might be underestimating the size difference between him and the 'Iranian Hulk.'

For starters, Romario is only 5'8.

Sajad, on the other hand, is 6'2 and basically the size of a brick wall.

Instagram | @sajadgharibiofficial

Romario also weighs 229lbs, which doesn't exactly compare to Sajad's 385lb frame.

But we don't think this will stop the 'Brazilian Hulk' from taking on his Iranian counterpart anytime soon. This guy is determined to prove himself.

Romario has shared photos of himself before he packed on the muscles.

Instagram | @romariohulkbrasileirooficial

In several Instagram posts, he's talked about himself in the past as having been a relatively small security guard.

Less than a decade ago, he decided to make a change and started hitting the gym to bulk up.

He's also had his fair share of setbacks and health scares.

Instagram | @romariohulkbrasileirooficial

According to The Mirror, Romario reportedly nearly lost one of his arms after a bad reaction to synthol oil injections in 2013.

Since then, this Hulk has opted for hitting the gym and training as much as possible rather than undergoing any more dangerous injections.

Instagram | @romariohulkbrasileirooficial

Which is probably for the best.

This could be the battle of the century.

What better opponent for the 'Iranian Hulk' to take on in his debut MMA fight than the 'Brazilian Hulk'?

For now, we'll just have to wait and see if/when this epic fight takes place.

Instagram | @sajadgharibiofficial

Sure, they aren't the same size, but there's no denying they're two massive men. With the right determination and passion, this could very well prove to be an even match up.

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