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Grandma Heels Are The Latest In 'Ugly' Shoe Trends Right Now

Step aside dad sneakers, there's a new ugly shoe gaining popularity among the fashion crowd.

This time we're digging in our grandmothers' closets and fishing out something that I'm pretty sure most of us thought that we would never EVER wear.

Fashion has been going through a weird phase lately.

Remember when it was the ultimate embarrassment to wear anything from your parents' closet, let alone your grandparents' closet?

Well, those days are long gone. What's old is new again and apparently what's ugly is now fashionable.

Trust me, I am as equally confused as you are.

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First, there were the dad sneakers.

Big, clunky sneakers that looked like they belonged to your dad in the 80's? Yeah that's all the rage now.

High fashion designers like Balenciaga, Gucci and more have all included this "ugly" shoe trend in their recent collections.

So if wearing shoes that make your foot look three times bigger is your thing, then dad sneakers are for you.

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Then fanny packs decided to come back.

Never did I think I would see the day that wearing brightly colored pouches around your waist would ever be back in style.

This was another "ugly" trend that made a comeback but on the bright side, the re-designed fanny packs don't actually look terrible.

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Now, the fashion world is bringing us grandma heels.

Mary-Jane straps, squared toes and short, chunky heels are back in style people.

Although it may be hard to remember when they were ever considered stylish.

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What this trend does have going for it is comfort.

You won't have to worry about your feet killing you as soon as you leave the house or worry about possibly breaking an ankle.

These heels are short enough to wear just about anywhere without much problems. Some people are even wearing them with socks to truly maximize their comfort level.

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The response to grandma heels so far has been pretty positive.

@theghettocookingshow on Instagram wrote, "I love how fashion comes back around. Theses are so 70s. Super cute."

Another Instagrammer wrote, "I would wear this . Spot on.

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Will you be rocking the grandma heel trend?

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If it doesn't have the style factor that we'd expect, we can at least acknowledge them for being comfy and sensible.

In fact, the longer you stare at them, the more they start to grow on you, no?

They could definitely be a half-step to wearing heels at work when you don't feel like it. I just wouldn't suggest these for your next hot date perhaps.

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