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You Can Dress Your Pet Up In A 'Game Of Thrones' Themed Cloak

So we're well into the final season of Game of Thrones and it's safe to say that stuff is really starting to pop off. You're prepared for whatever may come — but is your pet?

We've reached peak GoT.

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A Daenarys Halloween costume is passe at this point. Saying "Winter is coming" is a lame move. We need a new frontier to express our appreciation for the pop culture juggernaut.

Pets need to be involved.

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Le Magical Menagerie, an entity that seemingly specializes in making pets look like fictional characters, is on the case. This Harry Potter getup isn't bad. But GoT is where they truly shine.

Believe it.

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Yes, if you have a dog that can tame dragons and walk through fire (Please don't test out either of these things!), Le Magical Menagerie has the perfect getup for them.

It's glorious.

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Conveying a sense of regal dignity, this pupper looks approachable yet reserved. You don't know what they're capable of, but you dare not trust them fully. That's Queen Dany for you.

The cloaks look super cozy.

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You might come out for the Daenarys cosplay, but stay for the practical, warm winter coat. Little dogs get chilled easily, so why not hook them up with a GoT cloak?


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Unfortunately, these cloaks only seem to be available for smaller pets. If you want to turn your great dane into the Mother of Dragons, you might need to invest in more material.

You know nothing.

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This dog literally looks like it knows more than Jon Snow. I know Jon's been heroic and all, and we're all invested in his character...but the guy can be a real dummy at times.

Jon Snow(ball).

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If you're making cloaks for little dogs, they're pretty much going to be perfect for cats, too. I don't know if this orange tabby is dark and brooding enough, but I do like his wise expression.

You've been outdone.

Sure, Jon's knowledge and heroism has been invaluable to the Night's Watch. Then again, cats and dogs in Jon Snow cloaks are super cute, and far more worthy of my emotions.

The right cloak for the right dog.

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Your pupper might be a Dany and it might be a Jon. Either way, there's a cloak to match its personality. It's cold at the wall, so you'll want to bundle up.


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Here's another nice GoT cloak, but I'm more amped by the Oreo package in the background. I had no idea these were a thing, and I need to hit up the cookie aisle, stat.

The cloaks are fire.

There's no shortage of official GoT merch out there to satisfy any fan. But these cloaks are a cut above your typical "Winter is coming" coffee mug or mouse pad.

Just look!

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Somehow, an expression that might look vacant or derpy on an otherwise unadorned dog conveys a sense of gravitas, knowledge and anguish when it's paired with a pupper-sized cloak.

We're almost there.

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Be strong, for the coming weeks of GoT are totally going to be a bloodbath. So bust out the popcorn, clear your schedule, and make sure your dog (or cat) has a GoT cloak.

Would you do this?

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