9+ Hilarious Tweets About The Lighting During 'Game Of Thrones'

Here we go again, some more Game Of Thrones material. Today, we'll be going through some pretty... interesting cinematography. I don't usually critique this stuff, but I did go to school for film, so I know a thing or two about lighting a scene.

Anyone with working eyes had a hard time seeing the last episode of "Game Of Thrones".


It was just too darn dark! I couldn't tell for the life of me what the holy heck was supposed to be going on!

Gee whiz, it sure as shoot was awful hard to see!

Today, we're going to check out some of the funniest tweets about this lighting.


I don't think there will be spoilers for this article... then again, better safe than beat up, there might be spoilers up ahead, keep this in mind if you haven't seen Season 8 Episode 3!

Some people had no idea what happened during the episode.

Yes, in fact I remember writing an article this week about that very same person-shaped blur. Watch out though, because "person -shaped blur A" totally kills "person-shaped blur B", which could've been the cat.

Are those song lyrics?

I'm screaming at Daenerys in the dark... I could've sworn I heard that on the last Imagine Dragons album.

"If you ever want to join me, baby, I'll be screaming at Daenerys in the dark" - I knew it!

Some people had a hard time seeing who was dying.


Eddison Tollett, Lyanna Mormont, Lord Beric Dondarrion, Theon Greyjoy, Ser Jorah Mormont, Viserion, Melisandre and, of course, the ol' Night King. See, I told you this article was going to have spoilers!

Some don't even KNOW who died after watching the episode!

Fear not, dear Game Of Thrones viewer, because you can always just read my previous "Death List" from a couple of segments ago! Just look for the picture of the Ice King exploding!

However, someone found the upside to this whole "not seeing anything."

That is, of course, very true. You'll never know who to cry for if you don't see them go. Well, until next week when they are suspiciously absent. Then again, if they keep lighting episodes like this...

Some people believed (wrongfully) that the dragon budget stole the lighting equipment


Drogon, Game of Thrones' diva equivalent of Mariah Carey.

Some compare it to watching a bootleg of the episode.

These people have clearly not seen bootlegs of really recent movies and TV episodes. Usually, they're filmed off some $50 Handycam from 2007 and often have Korean or Mandarin subtitles in them.

There are those who see the "bright" side of things.

See what I did there? "Bright" side? Never mind, listen it's always nice to finally figure out how to use that "MENU" button on your television. I for one have always shunned it, until Sunday where I had to figure it out on the fly.

People even had troubles in the dark!


And that's a sentence you never want to see used: "troubles in the dark." Unless of course, it's used in the sentence: "troubles in the dark, title of your... uh... coitus tape." Sorry Jake Peralta, I really butchered that one.

Well, at least we have Melisandre to thank.

Then again, her fire was only present for a bit of the battle, before the horde was cut down by the army of wights. Apparently, they don't really like the light.

Wow, that part is really dark!


I literally can't make out anything... serious what were these guys thinking... oh, wait, they totally got me. It was just a picture of blackness. At least the tweet has a proper picture...

However, keep in mind the cinematographer has defended his desicions

In an interview with Wired, he said that “another look would have been wrong,” he says. “Everything we wanted people to see is there.” So, apparently, the Game Of Thrones showrunners wanted us to see... not much.

And so, our gallery of tweets ends.


What did you think of the lighting in Season 8 Episode 3? Or did you think it was darker than sharing a scarring family secret at midnight during a lunar eclipse... in Antartica during the winter?