The Mountain From 'Game Of Thrones' Looks Just As Terrifying In Real Life

Oh yeah, he's a big guy. Jeez, you should see him... well gosh, I guess you will see him in the article you're about to read. I guess kick back, relax and keep reading, my dear, dear reader.

"Game Of Thrones" is pretty neat, isn't it?


I'd say it's as far as "Neat-o". We're barreling towards the end of the series at the moment, and we couldn't be simultaneously excited and sad.

Sure, we get to see how this all ends, but at the same time, we have to see it all end.

Ahh, the memories.


Eight seasons we've gone through with these characters. We've loved, we've lost, we've even got to see a naked person or two along the way, which is always cool no matter who you are.

We've also got to see some really visually interesting characters.


The Night King and his snowy, spiky look.

Khal Drogo with his rippling muscles and cool tribal tattoos.

We've got the dragons who are all visually appealing (however, you could've seen Drogon if you watched Season 3, Episode 7 of The Drew Carrey Show, where he made a guest appearance).

And then there's "The Mountain".


This big, massive... well, mountain of a man who starts the series as a brutal murderous force and then continues to be... uh, a mysterious brutal force all the way into Season 8.

Don't let that sentence imply he hasn't gone through changes, though.


Like any good growing (oh god, don't let him grow anymore) character, he's got to go through some ch-ch-ch-changes throughout the series or else he wouldn't be interesting.

Although, the whole time I've been watching him I've been interested in how many cow growth hormones he was fed as a child.

Anyways, he's kind of... undead now?


Not really dead, not really alive, he's kind of scarred and destroyed by manticore poison, yet he's still super strong.

He's actually the personal bodyguard of Cersei which, as I've come to understand, is a pretty decent gig if you're the Mountain.

He also has a brother, The Hound.


But besides that, that's about it to him. He's brutal, he's loyal to the Lannisters and I wouldn't suggest beating him in a game of Trivial Pursuit anytime soon. He's... uh, a sore loser, to say the least.

But what about the guy who plays the Mountain?

YouTube | thyPotato

Believe it or not, you don't get that big through CGI. Nope, it's just some good old fashioned Icelandic breading. Ahhh, the giants of Iceland. I wonder what they put in the water up there?

His name is Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson.

Instagram | @thorbjornsson

Which honestly, is one too many accents for me to type over and over again. Do we have a shorter name for him, folks?

What's that? His Instagram name is "Thor Björnsson"? How fitting, we'll call him "Thor".

Thor, as you've probably already guessed, is a really strong guy.

In fact, he currently holds the title of "World's Strongest Man", which I didn't even know existed until today.

He's also the first guy to have won the Arnold Strongman Classic, Europe's Strongest Man and World's Strongest Man in the same calendar year.

Born in the frozen tundras of Skyrim...


Er, I mean, Reykjavík, Iceland, he actually started his career as a basketball player (imagine Shaq bringing down the net, but Thor actually lifts the crowd behind the net as well) but his career was cut short due to an ankle injury.

So, like any strong, well brought up Scandinavian boy, he decided to start a powerlifting career.

After that, he started his acting career in Season 4 of "Game Of Thrones".


He is the third actor to play the Mountain, but the only one to be on for consecutive seasons. There must've been something about the guy, you know?

Besides that, he's married to another fitness guru.

Instagram | @kelc33

Here's a picture of her now. She's a Canadian girl who likes making gains and... uh, working out with her massive husband. She is also significantly smaller than her husband.

Speaking of which, this is the two of them right now.

Instagram | @thorbjornsson

I know what we're all thinking, look at the size difference, we're all trying to picture what it would be like.

What? Oh my goodness, I meant the ceilings in their house! What is wrong with you?

What does the future hold for the Mountain?

Instagram | @thorbjornsson

Obviously, and I hope this is obvious to everyone, he needs to have a showdown with his brother, the Hound.

I can see it now... "The Contest For The West...eros". I'll have to work on that one.