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23 Easy Lifehacks That'll Make You Seem Like An Actual Adult

Sometimes it feels like we're just getting older and none the wiser. But other times I do feel like I've gained some more valuable life knowledge that makes me feel like an actual adult.

So today I'd like to share with you all these great life hacks that will make you all feel as if you're really kicking butt at this adulting game.

1. Cook Like A Pro

Twitter | @ItsHackable

I admit when I first started cooking most of my meals were half-assed. But now I can easily follow a cookbook to boot. How wise!

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2. Freeze Leftovers

Budget Bytes

Now that you've slaved in the kitchen for a while just make sure you have enough food to freeze so you'll have plenty of leftovers for lunch.

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3. Organize It

Twitter | @TriDocB

As a kid, we all threw stuff all over the place. Now that we're grown it's time to organize important stuff so it's easy to find.

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4. Donate It

Instagram | @mzzzkate

Speaking of organizing, I keep a box in my closet for any stuff I can't use but plan to donate instead. It's the right thing to do.

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5. Toast It Right

Twitter | @MelBala

Now that I know this actually exists I must get my hands on one of these right away. Isn't this such an adult thing to do?

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6. Remember Those Keys

Baby Centre

Keep your keys stored with your lunch so you never forget either one of them. This will definitely make you feel as if you got this.

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7. Odor Away

Twitter | @IAlexAvalos

Having a great smelling house is such a welcoming gesture. So just put up a car vent clip straight on your indoor vents to keep it fresh.

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8. Invest In Houseplants

Balcony Garden Web

Nothing makes a home cozier than pretty houseplants. And if you can keep them alive you've definitely grown up. Next up, getting a pet.

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9. Keep Things Tidy

Twitter | @dadpuncher690_0

Now that you're old enough to drink don't just stack those bottles anywhere. Get a fancy wine rack instead. It looks chic and sophisticated.

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10. Fancy Up Your Decor


Time to stop admiring your friend's awesome home decor and venture out to Ikea. You too can make your space look gorgeous. You got this!

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11. Make Your Bed

The Interior Editor

Now that you've got all that pretty decor don't screw it up leaving it all messy. Make your bed in the morning. It's surprisingly satisfying.

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12. Vacuum It

Home Floor Experts

While we're on the subject of cleaning up if you don't own a good vacuum you're really missing out. This is a really good investment.

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13. Be Prepared For Anything


Whether you're going on a trip or attending a festival, it really pays off to be prepared. And you'll get the satisfaction you're truly adulting.

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14. Learn To Sew

Pixabay | moritz320

I admit this isn't one of my strongest suits but I do know how to sew on a button and that makes me so proud. LOL.

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15. Wake Up Earlier


I used to be able to sleep until 1 PM. But as I get older I feel much more satisfaction getting stuff done early. Priorities!

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16. Read A Book

Pixabay | Pexi Book

If you can find time to actually read a book you like you're totally winning at life. I'm trying to do so as we speak.

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17. Get Polished

Twitter | @GellerSimon

There's something about having finely manicured nails that says you're a badass woman. So get those nails pretty at least once in a while. It's worth it.

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18. Update Your Wardrobe

Sarah Pflug

Those college sweatpants aren't cutting it anymore. If you want to be taken seriously in life your wardrobe needs to reflect that. Yay for shopping!

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19. Unwrinkle

Reddit | lilcheap2

Now that you've got new wardrobe you can invest in a steamer or do this. You can also hang clothes in the washroom while the shower is on.

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20. Use A Mousepad

Katie Considers

Don't underestimate the power of a good mousepad. No old book or magazine is ever going to be good enough anymore. So simple yet helpful.

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21. Never Loose That Lip balm

Twitter | @OelScott

I'm obsessed with my lip balm and keep one in every bag. But I could've just hung one up on my keychain instead. Duh!

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22. Budget


We literally have all the information we need in front of us, we have to just actually do it.

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23. Meal Prep

Instagram | @themealprepmanual

Whether you meal prep all of your meals all week, or just your lunches for the work week, you know you'll be eating good and feel good too!

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24. Label Your Pantry

Instagram | @talentedkitchen

No more sniffing or tasting powders in your pantry. You never know what sorts of spicy peppers might be ground up in there!

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25. Clean The Sink

Instagram | @lifestylehomemanagement

Something that's so simple, yet so effective.

Any time my parents cleaned the sink, the whole kitchen was a new vibe.

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26. Go To Sleep Earlier

Unsplash | Gregory Pappas

There is nothing interesting on The Gram past 8pm. Get off the phone, spritz some lavender spray on your pillow, and wish the day a good night.

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27. Read Before Bed

Unsplash | Nadine Shaabana

This is like top 5 adulting activities.

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28. Lay Out Your Clothes

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

I've done this a few times, and it's been a life saver in the mornings.

When I'm half asleep, that's how my outfit is going to be looking.

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29. Wear A Blazer

Instagram | @frejaura

Blazers are just adult things. They make you look like you're about to make some serious power moves, and are just so classy.

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30. Fill In A Calendar

Unsplash | Eric Rothermel

Plan out your weeks or the month going ahead. When you're tired, you feel scatter brained and overwhelmed, and this will definitely help.

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31. Try Something New

Unsplash | Inspired Horizons Digital Marketing

As they say, you're always learning in life.

Get out there and experience all the world has to offer!

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32. Clean It Up

Twitter | @Junt377

Speaking of that cozy bed, when was the last time you cleaned your mattress? I think I'm slipping 'cause I've never done this. Facepalm!

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33. Learn The Avocado Trick

Cool Like Your Grandmother

Over the years I've perfected the "know when avocados are ripe" technique and now I swear by it. So I've made it. I'm an adult.

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So I hope you'll be able to master these awesome adulting tricks in no time.

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Whether you'll feel like an actual adult it's another story. But practice makes perfect.

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