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17+ Wild Pics That Show Us How Intense Nature Can Get

mason.zimmer 30 Apr 2019

At this point, there are probably certain animals that we have a healthy respect for. That respect often carries over to fear, but the point is that if most of us encounter a crocodile, we're not likely to tease it.

That's why it's so surprising when we see that very crocodile we know not to mess with get destroyed by an animal we would normally fawn over. Sure, that gives us second thoughts about cuddling with the next otter we see, but it also shows that nature is just as chaotic for the fearsome animals as it is for the cute ones.

And these images are very good at illustrating that point.

1. This penguin's day has gone as badly as it can possibly go now that it's met this leopard seal.

Reddit | LeucisticPython

Those who have seen March Of The Penguins are well aware of how many other creatures are itching to get a piece of our feathered friends when they set out on their journey, so this seal is probably excited that they beat the others to it.

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2. This is a spinybacked orbweaver spider and it's known as one of Florida's most colorful spiders.


It certainly looks impressive and Florida is known to host some dangerous spiders, but this one shouldn't be too hazardous unless you're a bug.

According to the University of Florida, the spinybacked orbweaver's bite is not known to affect humans in a serious way.

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3. It never occurred to this bug that climbing a tree with so many little holes was a bad idea.

Reddit | rriolu372

But as Nature outlined, each of those holes contain Allomerus ants, which construct these hole networks so they can ambush and eat a creature that's significantly larger than they are.

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4. Although this isn't a position we wouldn't want to be in if we were fish, it's unclear whether the little fish is actually in danger here.

Reddit | mdmahfuzurrhmn

It's entirely possible that its traveling inside of this larger fish's mouth to clean it and thus, help itself to the scraps it's been collecting.

We won't know until the blue fish bites down or the little one swims away.

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5. You might think that you'd never want to meet the creature with this fearsome dental profile, but it's possible that you already have.

Reddit | Luck_ey

That's because we're actually looking at the inside of a turtle's mouth.

Now, if this makes you think twice about sticking something you want to keep in its mouth, then you're definitely on the right track.

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6. The honey locust tree is not the type you want to climb, but the strange part is that these thorns don't even help it much anymore.

Reddit | moogerfooger22

According to Grid Magazine, that's because these trees developed these thorns millions of years ago as a way to ward off giant, prehistoric mammals that fed on them.

Since those mammals are now extinct, the thorns are just kind of a leftover like our wisdom teeth.

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7. The messed-up part of this picture isn't that it shows a parasite emerging from a dead cockroach.

Reddit | percula1869

Instead, the messed-up part is that the person who took this photo found it under a "clean clothes" pile in a customer's house. We're going to have to disagree with that name.

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8. If you happen to catch a sight like this out the window of your plane, just be glad that you're nowhere near it.

Reddit | big_free_sample

That's because we're actually catching a glimpse of a birds-eye view of a tornado. It certainly looks a lot different from 30,000 feet up.

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9. Some caterpillars may seem a little gross, while others may seem a little cute, but this one hits on an entirely different feeling.

Reddit | ChrisDeBruyne27

This is the Emperor Cabbage Tree caterpillar of South Africa and it's probably what we'd come up with if somebody asked us to design a caterpillar back when we were edgy teenagers.

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10. This elk apparently has part of its antler lodged in its skull, but it's doing a good job of shrugging it off.

Reddit | sethroski

Although it may seem to be crying out in pain, it's actually just bugling, which means its trying to get the attention of other elks.

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11. It's pretty hard to imagine getting creeped out by a potato, but this one might just do the trick.

Reddit | MethaneProbe4MrLion

Not only has it somehow grown into a face, but it's adopted the ominous look of a witch you hear about in old European folk tales.

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12. Although it's pretty undesirable to find a spider fighting a snake in our houses, we can at least feel a sense of relief when one of them loses.

Reddit | iamtheundefined

And in this case, things really aren't looking good for that snake.

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13. Although it's not necessarily obvious when humans have survived being struck by lightning, trees show that evidence forever.

Reddit | theknownman

For instance, this one apparently had that happen 150 years ago and it's looked like this ever since.

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14. Most of us wouldn't go anywhere near a slithering group of eels, but this is a duck on a mission.

Reddit | One_Day_Dead

When someone tried to feed one of the eels some bread, the duck decided that it would stop at nothing to claim that delicious prize for it own. It actually succeeded, too.

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15. We are witnessing an intense showdown between a red fox and a golden eagle.

Reddit | ShtickCheney

Some think the eagle might have already wounded the fox based on some missing fur, but that could also be due to mange.

It's still anybody's game.

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16. With how mossy and still it looks in this picture, it's hard to blame anyone for mistaking this crocodile for a rock.

Reddit | ronnieth024

And it's even harder to envy anyone who accidentally gets close enough to this beast to make that mistake.

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17. However, it's important to remember that the crocs are just as afraid of other animals as we are of them.

Reddit | HenryMeyer2002

For instance, this one is unlikely to walk away from this hippopotamus with a victory under its belt. Or walk away at all, for that matter.

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18. And speaking of animals that look deceptively cuddly, this alligator is having a terrible time against this otter.

Reddit | GreasyGallimimus

Combat in nature tends to work a lot like combat anywhere else. A lot of the time, the winner is the one who has the element of surprise.

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19. This isn't what it looks like, Officer, I swear!

Reddit | dazedhoney

This is actually a picture of Blood Falls, Antarctica, where there's so much iron in the water that it rusts when exposed to air.

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20. Pry this pipe out of my cold, dead roots.

Reddit | respectively288

This piece of pipe was unearthed, totally crushed to a watertight seal by the roots wrapped around it. I guess that tree really didn't want them laying pipe there.

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21. Not the way you'd want to complete the circle.

Reddit | CesarTheSanchez

This ram's horn continue to grow until it penetrated its own skull. Sad for the ram, but it does make for a really cool picture.

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22. Duck season, wabbit season... spider season?

Reddit | Speaker4real

Good ol' Australia. These trees are full of spiderwebs, and I'm not going anywhere near Australia this time of year or any other time of year.

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23. No, it's not a fleet of starships soaring their way into battle.

Reddit | Ultimategrid

This is what the skin of a shark looks like under a microscope. As nice as they look to pet from inside those diving cages, I think I'll be keeping my hands inside the ride at all times.

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24. Get as low to the ground as possible.

Reddit | earthymalt

This is Catatumbo lightning which only happens over the mouth of the Catatumbo River in Venezuela. It's a massive storm that happens for almost half the year for ten hours a day. It can reach up to 280 lightning strikes per hour.

Just imagine what that sounds like!

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25. Aw, seals are so cute, they're — oh, nevermind.

Reddit | lapapinton

Let's not forget that seals are predators and their teeth are designed with that in mind. Actually, on second thought, let's forget that.

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26. Make do with what you've got.

Reddit | ho-tron

This isn't a scene from a horror movie (yet). This is a wasp's nest that was built around a discarded doll.

That's one way to make sure no humans come to mess with your nest.

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27. The worst way to find out you're meeting up with a catfish.

Reddit | poopstry

I think we use the verb "catfish" way too lightly — look how hardcore this thing is. That's an armadillo in there. I didn't even know these two animals existed in the same place.

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28. We may be trying hard to save the bees right now, but this honey buzzard apparently didn't get that memo.

Reddit | Pardusco

Not only is it chowing down on their honey, but it seems completely unfazed by all the bees trying to sting it.

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29. Add 'the Antarctic' to the list of places I never want to go.

Reddit | Ch1nCh1nTheG0D

This giant squid captured out in the Antarctic is exactly why when I go to the beach, I don't go out in the water past where I can see the bottom.

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30. I've got a sudden urge to listen to some death metal.

Reddit | Conquer_And_Expand

This photo of a forest fire just goes to show how deadly they can be, even if they do have a sort of so-scary-it's-beautiful color palette.

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31. You know what? I just decided I don't want to stroll through the woods anymore.

Reddit | De_fau_lt

This absolute unit of a mountain lion was captured on a nature cam out in the woods, so luckily nobody was on the receiving end of that deadly stare.

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32. We're going back to Australia one more time.

Reddit | SlimyKiwi

This time, instead of some freaky giant spider, we have an abandoned ship that's been taken over by nature itself. A man-made island!

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33. Marine iguanas are a thing.

Reddit | alifordays

This underwater lizard may look terrifying, but don't worry — all they eat is green algae. I wonder if they eat enough it, will they grow very, very large and attack Tokyo?

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34. Let go of my friend!

Reddit | allthekos

This seagull trying to save his friend from a bald eagle gets a lot of points for loyalty. I think a lot of my human friends would size up their odds against an eagle and just let it fly away with me. "Goodbye, we'll miss you!"

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35. Based on its facial expression, this snake probably didn't expect to end up in a frog's throat today.

Reddit | Str8upbored

Although it's hard to imagine the frog doing this by accident, it's hard to tell whether it seems happy with this turn of events either.

Maybe all that wriggling is giving it indigestion.

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36. Whatever this is, I do not want it.

Reddit | La-Barba-Loca

So the Clathrus Archeri fungus looks like it hatches from an egg sac and then grows into a tentacle nightmare. Good work, Mother Nature. You knocked this one out of the park.

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37. Behold! The world's heaviest bony fish.

Reddit | liesandthetruth

The Ocean Sunfish can weigh up to 2,200lbs and can produce up to 300, 000, 000 eggs at a time. These big guys are super docile, though, so the only chance of it hurting you is if it jumps onto the boat that you are also on.

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38. Lightning usually destroys the trees it strikes, but when it doesn't...

Reddit | moviescriptlife

I hope the Keebler elves got out in time. This tree wasn't going to let anything like a little lightning strike take it all the way down.

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39. I don't know whether to think this is cute or run away screaming.

Reddit | worstideaever2000

This is a flying fox, which, despite its name, is actually the largest species of bat in the world. Yeah. Bats can get this big. I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you.

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