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15+ Things That Defied Our Expectations

Expectations are kind of a necessary thing in life. I mean, if you don't know whether to expect a caffeine blast or a dose of poison from your morning coffee, are you really going to drink it?

But if life always met our expectations, it would be a bit boring, don't you think? It's a good thing there are still some surprises around!

You can get all kinds of things in vending machines these days, but I still don't think cats are supposed to be there.

Reddit | Anonymous12c19

The poor kitty probably went for snacks after insisting that it hadn't been fed, risking one of its nine lives in the process.

Word is it made it out unharmed, at least.

Either that's an unbelievably massive strawberry or a tiny hand.

Reddit | waterlilees

And I don't think it's a tiny hand. Just imagine the shortcake you could make from this bad boy!

When you drop your watch, shouldn't the numbers still stay in one place?

Reddit | mark_peters

Who still wears a watch is another question entirely, but it's not unreasonable to think that your timepiece should stand up to a little bump without losing its integrity like that.

It's hard to believe, but right and left are the exact same painting.

Reddit | odoms365

The only thing that changed is the lighting — the one on the right is sitting in front of a window, allowing sunlight through, which apparently turns a placid landscape into a more hellish spectacle.

It's no surprise that trees have might roots — but liquid roots?

Reddit | Lagsetsfire

Okay, it's not unheard of for trees to go to incredible lengths to get the nutrients they need, but it's still pretty incredible to see them growing over the sidewalk like this.

This tree, on the other hand, has something weird going on with its leaves.

Reddit | m006098s

Seriously, it's giving me a case of the weirds how the leaves are growing in so close to the branches.

I now have a better appreciation for the term "high-tension wires."

Reddit | krazykenx

I don't want to imagine what's out of the frame here — it must have been one awful crash to break off the bottom half of a telephone pole.

This seems to be a slightly extreme reaction to having a phlebotomist miss a blood vessel.

Reddit | Murchadh_SeaWarrior

Calm down there, arm, it's not that bad. No need to get all bent out of shape, right?

For some reason, I never think of highlighters as being able to leak.

Reddit | Pleiades24

But quite clearly, they can leak all right. They can make nice, big, bright messes.

When the cloud cover is low enough, they'll show off how this building affects wind currents around it.

Reddit | MyHeadIsCrooked

Who thought they would get a science lesson on the fly like that?

Apparently garlic is resistant to vacuum sealing?

Reddit | crimsoncold

Or possibly the vacuum seal didn't quite take. Either way, this is not an ideal arrangement before freezing.

Sure, patterns get re-used in different ways all the time — but a shirt and the inside of a bowl?

Reddit | Hovvinkocz

Okay, they're not exactly the same pattern, but they're similar enough that the effect is definitely an eye-popper.

This lizard got a little confused while re-growing its tail.

Reddit | Merry_Dankmas

Mind you, re-growing a tail is a heck of a good trick even if it comes back three-pronged like this.

Another science lesson on display, this flower pot is showing off some serious surface tension.


Doesn't it look like that water should be flowing over the side by now? And yet, it's holding on.

This is just impossibly perfect timing.

Reddit | tencents1010

Capturing this diver at the moment of entry so that it looks like she's doing a handstand is worthy of a slow clap at least.

There's a good reason why this finger doesn't have bumps where you'd expect to see them.

Reddit | upgraderaptor39

It's because there's also no joint where you'd expect to see one. No bending = no wrinkles.

Oh, nice brick crosswalk this town has.

Reddit | FinnDoesStuffYt

Or not — it's just bricks painted onto the asphalt. I guess that saves money on bricks?

This rather distinctive group was found molded into a temple in Thailand.

Reddit | IDangerSharkI

Not sure I would want this location getting out if it was my temple — pretty sure the lawyers at Disney would frown upon it.

I don't know if these are lab mice from a hairdressing school or what.

Reddit | cocainablanco

But they've got perfect waves in their fur, and I've never seen that before.

There's something very wrong with seeing Mountain Dew in a clear bottle instead of a green bottle.

Reddit | Frobe4K

After seeing it in its true form, things just got a bit too real for me, thanks.

I would never trust someone again after they pulled this stunt.

Reddit | TheReagmaster

According to a Reddit user, their coworker brought in lasagna for the office — vegan lasagna. Not what I was expecting, definitely not what I want to have for lunch. It's just stacked salad. You can't fool me.

Technically it's not the frying pan that's sticking.

Reddit | aks_pt

But still. If it's supposed to be so sticky-repellent, this shouldn't be an issue we have to deal with! Maybe they should try to return it.

The way this sunbeam landed on this baby's face.

Reddit | clockworksfool

I kind of feel bad for laughing at this one, 'cause they're just a baby and this is definitely not what you expect when you put your baby in their car seat. Kind of. Almost.

Who's your favorite Avenger? Mine's Aquaman.

Reddit | dedicatedhorrorfan89

Everyone wants to cash in on that Avengers: Endgame hype train, but this is going too far. C'mon, Bruce Wayne, you already have enough money. You don't need to stoop to this.

This just feels wrong.

Reddit | Confessions_GB_

Maybe there's a perfectly valid reason to order these in reverse alphabetical order. Maybe that reason is to spite me, specifically, because this is driving me crazy.

Maybe it was a team effort.

Reddit | ThisIsGoodName

We may never know the true origins of this fabric, although my money is probably on made in China. I feel like that would be a strange thing to lie about.

Well, that was an unwelcome surprise.

Reddit | sniff122

Imagine getting ready to take a nice, hot shower. You get in the shower, check where the shower head is pointed so you can step away from the cold water, and turn it on. Then boom. The water is coming from directly above your head.

No thanks.