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This House For Sale Looks Like It Came Straight Out Of 'Alice In Wonderland'

Buying a new home can be such a huge personal decision. There's so much that goes into consideration. But what if you found a house which looks completely normal on the outside, only when you step foot inside you get transported into another world?

This house is exactly that. It looks quite normal when you walk by it only you'd be totally surprised what's hidden inside.

So this property looks quite ordinary from the outside.


You would never imagine that something special is hiding inside. But looks can be so deceiving as you will find out.

Imagine opening the front door to be greeted by a scene like this?


I mean I feel like I've stepped foot into the magical world of Alice In Wonderland.

Wow, talk about unique home decor!


Where in the world did they find all this pink furniture and all the other accessories? I wonder. This must've been quite the endeavor.

Wouldn't this be the absolute perfect place to host a fabulous tea party for all your closest friends?


And I wouldn't be surprised if Mad Hatter decided to show up.

You'll have lots of room to entertain in this 3,091 square-foor house that comes with four bedrooms, two baths, a detached garage, detached office, pool, and a green room.


It just keeps getting better and better.

Just in case you weren't totally crazy about this unique decor, the furniture is negotiable.


I dunno why you would want to have anything else in this house. LOL.

I can't get over this kitchen.


I feel like my childhood storybook has come to life in here. I can just imagine sitting on the floor just staring at it.

I have to admit I might go a little bit OCD in this house because all the details are just a tad bit overwhelming.


I mean where do you look?

It might take some time getting used to after purchasing this house if you're planning to keep the decor as is.


Waking up here might seem like you're still dreaming.

Just when you thought you may be able to escape into the bathroom, you'll be surprised to know that this decor continues all around the house.


Wow, this is amazing.

Oh wait, I found one room which seems to be the most "normal", so if you do need an escape you might find it here.


I'm loving the lighting though.

And if you're craving company, your guests will also appreciate staying in their own unique bedroom.


Maybe this place would make a great B&B. Fancy booking this for your trip?

Here's a perfect nook you can use to make some epic breakfasts and have your afternoon tea in peace.


This room looks like it's an old-fashioned drawing. Lovely!

I'm always blown away by hidden gems but I've never seen anything quite like this.

I dunno about living here full-time but a quick stay might suffice.