7+ 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Redrawn As Disney Cartoons

Game of Thrones has a little bit of everything. Gore, mild comedy, drama, weird love scenes...

The only thing missing is Disney, but artists Anderson Mahanski and Fernando Mendoca have changed that.

h/t ComboEStudio.

"Game Of Thrones" is a lot of fun.


We like the gritty violence and people getting naked and stuff, but sometimes I wish it was a little more wholesome. I wish it was... a little more like Disney? If only the two worlds could crossover somehow... somehow... (fading out) somehow... some... how...

Yeah, they did it.


I mean, obviously. Two things that are so popular could never stay apart for too long. Not on the internet. Anyways, here's Jon Snow and his popular Direwolf, Ghost.

Next, we get Daenerys and one of her dragons.


I picture this Disney movie being in the same vein as "How To Train Your Dragon".

Daenerys tries to get her dragons in order, they refuse, comedy ensues. Yes I know that's a Dreamworks movie.

Here's a fan favorite: Bran and Hodor.


I see this being a classic buddy Disney movie, with maybe a "Freak The Mighty" kind of vibe.

Oh yeah, that's grade 4 English making an appearance in my Game Of Thrones/Disney crossover article. I went there.

Take a look at Cersei as an evil queen.


Honestly, this one really fits as... well, she kind of is an evil queen.

Just take out all the sex, incest, and the whole "walk of atonement" thing and presto! You've got one heck of a Disney villain.

Now for the Hound and Arya.


Probably another buddy movie, but one of those where they don't start out as friends but learn to love each other near the end.

The Hound would probably even have a scene where he talks about his deformity and we're supposed to feel all bad for him. Cue the "awwww"

Ahh, a tale as old as time. Jamie and Brienne of Tarth.


Definitely a "Beauty and The Beast" type plot, they really nailed the picture here.

Obviously, the roles would be reversed and the beast would be less beastly and more... unlovely.

Look at Varys as Snow White.


You'd think they'd surround one of the wargs with birds and what not, like maybe Bran or Orell... then again, they probably made these pictures before we met those two as wargs.

Now this is the Disney version of the Mountain and Oberyn Martell battle.


I honestly don't know how this would play out in the Disney version though... the worst they would do is cut away to the crowd until you heard a "splat". Even then... I dunno.

Melisandre makes a spooky appearance here.


She kind of reminds me of Doctor Facilier from The Princess And The Frog. Oh my god, I could totally see her singing "Friends On The Other Side".

Disney, are you working on buying HBO yet? Who am I kidding, of course you are.

Here's Tyrion as a wacky "comic relief" Disney character.


I could see him as a Puumba, or a Timon, or a Lumière or something.

Like his sister, you'd have to take out all the references to drinking and ladies of the night, but yeah, after that I could totally see it.

Now, this is just silly.


A White Walker as Elsa?

That's just preposterous... then again, I have seen the Night King do that pose before. Who knows? Maybe he was gearing up for his big musical number and then we cut away. Maybe that's why he's so pissed.

We move from the ComboESudio stuff to the Sam Tsui stuff

Sam Tsui

With this picture of Olenna Tyrell as the Grandma from Mulan. Though we could hardly see Grandma saying: "I did unspeakable things to protect my family." Then again...

My mother's a bear, Jon Snow!

Sam Tsui

I'll tell you that I know something, Ygritte my dear, I had to look up Merida to remember where she was from. Yes, yes of course. I remember Brave. That was the one with the bears and... uh... let's move on.

FInally, we end with Rapunzel as Sansa Stark

Sam Tsui

An apt comparison. At first, Rapunzel wanted someone to take her from the tower, Sansa wanted a man to take her from the perils of... not being married, and the two end up as kick-butt princesses by the end.

h/t: Sam Tsui.