Unsplash | Jo Szczepanska

20+ Dollar Store DIYs That'll Make You Love Penny-Pinching

I've always considered myself a great bargain shopper. With prices of everything constantly climbing, who doesn't like to save a few bucks from now and then?

So I definitely appreciate when getting a good deal can be easily achieved and often times DIY is the way to go.

1. Mason Jar Soap Pump

Good Girl Style

This is such a neat idea of upcycling your old mason jars to create this refillable, yet rustic looking soap dispenser. How clever!

2. Flower And Glass Gem Soap Dispensers

Instagram | @happywife_happy4life

Speaking of unique soap dispensers, what about this idea? All you need is flowers and glass gems and voilĂ , instant scent infusion!

3. DIY Spring Wreath

The Sweetest Digs

I dunno why store-bought wreaths are usually so expensive when you can easily make one yourself using stuff from the dollar store. This is so pretty.

4. DIY Valentine Wreath

Blooming Homestead

Speaking of making your own wreaths for those special occasions, why not make one to display your love for Valentine's Day? This is so romantic.

5. Succulent Wall Accents

The Homespun Hydrangea

I absolutely love displaying all my cute succulents around the house. But I never thought of hanging them up as wall decoration like this before.

6. Knock-off Flower Bowl

Vintage Romance Style

Don't get me wrong, I love those Kate Spade rose bowls, but not all of us can afford them. This DIY version is so pretty.

7. DIY Bookends

Love Grows Wild

I always admire those pricey and fancy bookends I see in people's houses. But now I know that I can make my own and save the dough.

8. DIY Topiary Trees

AKA Design

Here's another item that comes with a hefty price tag at those fancy home decor stores. But, you can recreate it yourself with dollar store items.

9. Thumbtack Art

Live Love DIY

Fancy art decor is so pretty when you display it around your house. But to save some serious moula, this DIY version is a breeze.

10. Spray-Painted Nutcrackers

Mad In Crafts

When a color scheme is the way to go in your house decor, these spray painted dollar store nutcrackers will definitely fit right in. Neat idea.

11. Festive Fish Bowl Snowman

Smart School House

Who knew you can use different sized fish bowls to create this festive and fun snowman? I think your kids will really love this.

12. DIY Shot Glass Christmas Ornament

What's Up With The Buells

Christmas ornaments can be such a beautiful keepsake, so this shot glass idea is simply fabulous. I'm definitely inspired to make these this year.

13. Pretty Holiday Snowballs

Somewhat Quirky Design

You'll never believe it when I tell you these gorgeous looking holiday snowballs were made with styrofoam balls and toothpicks. What? How incredibly imaginative!

14. Picture Frame Lanterns


Those dollar store picture frames may not be as nice for an actual picture but they make pretty awesome lanterns. Hello, wedding centerpiece idea!

15. Tiered Picture Frame Stand

What Treasures Await

Speaking of reusing picture frames, I didn't even realize this tiered stand was made using them. This is not only easy but very elegant.

16. Organize In Style

The Crazy Craft Lady

This awesome DIY magnetic organizer can be made using dollar store cookie sheets of all sizes. Now you'll stay organized and have pretty decor.

17. DIY Marble Mugs

Robin Clement | Babble

Just when I thought I had to go out and buy more expensive fancy mugs this idea is simply genius. I'm gonna make these ASAP.

18. DIY Cake Stand

The Chickabug

This is a great idea when you're planning a wedding on a budget. Who needs to spend money on those expensive cake stands? Problem solved.

19. DIY Succulent Planter

Craftberry Bush

A great idea to display your gorgeous succulent collection is via a tiered planter. This one can be made with ceramic bowls, glasses, and strong glue.

20. Galaxy Night Light


Night lights are a must in my house. But why settle for a boring plain one when using Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol can produce this?!

21. Color Me Happy

Dream A Little Bigger

So I admit you can simply buy pre-made trivets at the dollar store, but I think this colorful DIY version is too much fun to pass up.

These DIY and dollar store hacks are giving me so many awesome home decor ideas.

I can't wait to get started making my house look pretty on a budget.