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16+ People Who Went Overboard Before The Ship Even Sailed

mason.zimmer 25 Apr 2019

There's a fine line between doing a thorough job and going straight into overkill territory. A thorough job shows that you've watched all the details in something you're doing and prepared for the very realistic ways it could go wrong.

Overkill, however, is approaching a job with the expectation that aliens will invade soon after the job is done. Like, ensuring that none of the pipes in my bathroom will leak is appreciated, but I could do without the howitzer they installed in the window.

Of course, that's just me. As we're about to see, some people might appreciate the howitzer too.

1. Having one of these at dinner and the other at dessert sounds immensely satisfying, but there's a reason we keep those meals separate.

Reddit | buterbetterbater

I suppose there are things I'd like less than hitting a layer of mac and cheese in my cake, but it would have to be worms or spiders or something.

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2. Technically, I guess you could say this doing too little rather than too much, but somebody had to plan this insanity.

Reddit | PR0CR45T184T0R

What even happened here? Was somebody so wrapped up in adding these fancy pillars that they forgot to budget in a door?

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3. Transporting a ladder is always a struggle, but this is definitely how not to do it.

Reddit | Haruka1001

You know it's a bad situation when this thing slipping out and becoming a road hazard is one of the better scenarios that could unfold here.

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4. Even before it was this rusty, it's pretty clear that whoever had to ride this drew the short straw.

Reddit | moniso

Granted, I can see it coming in handy when going up a particularly steep hill, but it's hard to imagine the strength needed to keep yourself from going flying after firing it once.

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5. I have to admit that I've been through some times where this would be a comforting sight, but they didn't involve meals I ate more than once.

Reddit | Scaulbylausis

Plus, there's way too big of a chance of wiping with something that was hanging out on the gross bathroom floor for my tastes.

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6. This is definitely the coziest bus stop I've ever seen, but I wouldn't count on those pillows staying in place.

Reddit | vincentvandog

Actually, I'd give it a week tops before all of this stuff finds a new home or several. Especially if that lamp actually works.

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7. As great of a costume as this is, it's also the type that the wearer is the most likely to regret.

Reddit | CamTheChest

Even if they can somehow see out of it, and that's a big "if," it'll probably add a whole new degree of difficulty to eating or going to the bathroom.

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8. When architect tries to make their weird flex a thing, everybody loses.

Reddit | northead

Yes, we're all very impressed that they can accurately pee in such a perfect arch.

But you know what's more impressive? Installing a urinal that somebody besides Spider-Man can use.

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9. As relatable as this guy's ambitions are, his plan probably isn't going to work.

Reddit | ProDerpzz

At least, it won't now that somebody spread his motives on the internet so Walmart's lawyers can have something in their back pocket.

Way to waste four of this man's hours, Toyin.

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10. This is actually a clever car decal, but that's how they all start.

Reddit | 610NH

There's nothing wrong with this, but I'm just putting it here to preemptively warn everybody else not to turn it into the next "Calvin peeing on stuff."

A joke loses its magic when you see it 100 times.

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11. The best part isn't just that this guy is buying more watermelons than I can imagine anyone using.

Reddit | dante2567

The best part is how serious he looks about it. Like, whatever he has in store for all of these melons, he's treating it as a solemn duty.

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12. Yeah, it's pretty hard to imagine this stunt session ending well.

Reddit | northead

Sure, it's all fun and games now, but this dude just has to hit the ramp slightly wrong and all of a sudden, his buddy's got a face full of tire tracks.

I hope he's getting paid, at least.

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13. The roads may be bad, but this guy would have to work hard to convince people he's making them any better.

Reddit | Alvekia

But hey, can we blame him for not wanting to pass up free asphalt? Just think of all the uses he'll have for it!

And no, I can't. That's why I'm asking you to.

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14. Was there some grave hentai-related injustice that inspired this protest or are these guys just letting us know what they think?

Reddit | 9CatsInATrenchcoat

Either way, Stanley from The Office has already fought this battle and he didn't have to wear an orange morph suit to do it.

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15. Yeah, I was perfectly OK with living in a world where these didn't exist.

Reddit | MagicPotato192

Unfortunately, that world is no longer our own and the only hope we have of recovering from this revelation is the chance that whoever wears this will step in dog crap.

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16. Well, the advantage of somebody messing around like this is that they make sure we're in no danger of running out of toilet paper.

Reddit | cleoweo70

And the toilet is obviously enjoying itself here, so I suppose that means everybody wins.

I think the world is bringing me down to its crazy level...

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17. This might seem like a cute idea, but it doesn't look like either of these dogs agree.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

At least this might explain why they would be as happy as my grandpa was during the sad parts of E.T. Yeah, he really hated the poor little guy for some reason.

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18. There's a lot wrong with this picture, but it's kind of miraculous that this car even made it to the pump.

Reddit | v_krishna

And if he can somehow get gas in it without leaving a flammable trail behind him, I'll be convinced that he's a magician. He's certainly no mechanic, though.

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19. Your guess is as good as mine as to why someone put so many mirrors on this thing.

Reddit | hues0009

But whether we solve the mystery or not, we at least have to accept that nobody could ever sneak up on whoever's riding this.

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20. This may seem like a kid left their toys out, but a quick look at the background reveals why this is going on.

Reddit | SuperPixel

It turns out that a legion of dinosaur toys are a pretty effective way to keep the cat downstairs. Your mileage may vary, of course.

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21. This is just soooo wrong, but great at the same time.

Reddit | ForTheWinMag

"Completely unprompted, my son cut a paper spider out and taped it inside my wife's lampshade and I've never been more proud," wrote Reddit user ForTheWinMag.

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22. At first you might think this is just a cake made for someone who has both US and Canadian roots.

Reddit | hart1487

"Had to make a birthday cake for my Canadian friend," wrote Reddit user hart1487.

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