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16 Pics That'll Catch Your Glance Not Once, But Twice

Diply 25 Jan 2018

Now, if you're like me, you often have to take a second glance at most things anyway. I am not a clever man. But these pics will probably force a double take unless you're really eagle-eyed, or just super confident that you understand why people do the things they do. It's a strange world out there.

1. Is it weird that I actually love this?

Reddit | Ddiddly

It must be so much fun to get your mail from that. Of course, I haven't used a mailbox in ages, because I get nothing but bills and ads.

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2. If there was ever a way to let down a kid, it's probably taking them out for ice cream and then hitting them with this monstrosity.

Reddit | Maffers

I've stared at it for a while, just wondering why it exists.

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3. Okay, sure, it's neat that all their heads are in a row and everything, but let's not get distracted from the real issue here.

Twitter | @gabrielenguard

Is it just me, or is the dude in front lowkey dressed like Ned Flanders?

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4. Now I'm confused. At first I thought the face might be a coincidence of baldness and a birthmark, or something like that.

Reddit | TetraNomic

But that definitely doesn't explain eyes on the top of his head.

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5. Here, we see a mother pizza nursing her young. They're still very small now, but soon they'll be ready to find plates of their own. 

Reddit | Isai76

Nature really is majestic, isn't it?

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6. Maybe my brain is just weird, but before I noticed what was up with this picture, I thought the off thing in this pic was just the wall of denim.

Imgur | Imgur

Again, not a clever man.

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7. What a trip. I totally thought this was a collage, like maybe photos of Mars and the moon or something.

Instagram | @hopleasejesus

Little did I know that I was literally staring at a wall.

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8. Amazing. I really hope this was on purpose.

Reddit | bananaboat95

The idea that someone would get me a cake basically telling me to get lost is now the only way I want my dessert.

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9. Honestly, I feel like I could get lost in this one for hours.

Imgur | nuclearwaffle121

Maybe I have an unhealthy fascination with Snoop Dogg, but a landscape of nothing but Snoop really hits me where I live.

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10. Ah, the old hovering spectator trick.

Reddit | shardul

I mean, it's fine and all, but if I could levitate, there'd be no way that I could resist showing it off. I'd be the worst at parties.

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11. Great, so this is what it feels like to stare directly into the abyss.

Reddit |  xlLeviathanlx

You can take your spawn of Satan and your haunted mirror right back to the store. Hope you kept the receipt.

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12. For real, I wasn't even paying attention to her muscly arms.

Reddit | quinnj86

My first thought was "Wow, that's a big book she's reading." My second thought was "Wait, does she have super tiny hands?"

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13. Pfft, don't worry about fighting that stupid octopus.

Twitter | @ChiIIestTweet

He might talk a big game, acting a fool, and sure he's got a few drinks in him, but he'll never throw the first punch.


Because he's spineless.

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14. Uhh, pretty sure you can quit that algebra teaching job and impersonate Bey full-time, girl.

Instagram | @hopleasejesus

Although, I have no idea if that's actually Beyoncé and just a really old pic, now that I think about it.

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15. See, why can't all the medication I take be space-themed?

Instagram | @_cloutin_

Here I am taking all sorts of stuff to get rid of my hangover, and all I really needed was the loving embrace of astronomy.

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16. Well, this gives new meaning to "Hey, you're blocking this lane."

Reddit | Grawlix5

Pro tip: Take this bad boy out during a parade or to an outdoor concert. You can totally confuse security that way.

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